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New products at GreenFingers

by John - May 7th, 2015.
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GreenFingers just added these new items

Keter Melody Rectangular Dining Table  160cm

Keter Melody Rectangular Dining Table 160cm £79.98
Combining quality with style to provide you with a chic classic look for your outdoors this Keter Melody Dining Table is the perfect size for family gatherings or eating al fresco on long warm summer evenings. It is a superb rattan-style table that is totally elements-resistant and it makes a fabulous addition to your outdoors.It is manufactured from the patented material Trenza; so it has the appearance of woven rattan but the durability and strength of moulded resin. This means that it is weather-resistant and all you need to do is wipe down using soap water and a soft cloth. Better still it will not fade rust or fray and is well worth your investment for these reasons alone.Keter is a leading supplier of outdoor furniture and prides itself on providing reliable comfortable and cost-effective products. Simple self assembly of legs – all tools providedDimensions: L160.5 x W94.5 x H74.5cm

Urban Seed Collection - Beet Cardeal F1

Urban Seed Collection – Beet Cardeal F1 £2.19
Beet Cardeal produces golf ball sized succulent baby beets with very sweet smooth skinned rich red fleshed roots. Very easy to grow the leaves and stems of Cardeal are delicious raw as a steamed vegetable or wilted in stir-fries. The young leaves also make a tasty salad leaf. Plant Type: VegetableCropping: June to October Sow: March to July. Sow seeds thinly directly outside or in containers 13mm deep.Growing: Thin as necessary to 25mm (1

Flower Seeds - Sweet Pea Promise

Flower Seeds – Sweet Pea Promise £1.99
Sweet Pea Promise is a particularly fragrant variety boasting up to 4 large frilly blooms on each long stem. A spectacular climbing variety for your garden that will make a superb focal point on a trellis or obelisk and it makes a lovely cut flower too.Flowering period: Jun-AugSowing months: Mar-Apr & OctPosition: Full sunHeight: 1.8mSpread: 30cmSow sweet pea seeds indoors in October for transplanting outdoors in spring or direct sow outdoors from March to April. In autumn sow 3 seeds per 7.5cm pot at a depth of 1cm in free-draining seed sowing compost. Place in a propagator or seal container inside a plastic bag at a temperature of 20-25C until germination which takes 10-21 days. Once germinated grow sweet peas on in cooler conditions before transferring to a cold frame for overwintering. Spring sowings can be made outdoors directly into drills at a depth of 2.5cm and a distance of 7.5cm apart. Pinch out the growing points of each stem once the second pair of leaves has opened to encourage bushier growth.In spring plant sweet peas outdoors at a distance of 23cm apart in any well drained garden soil in full sun. Train the stems onto a suitable support such as trellis or a free standing climbing frame. Feed and water sweet peas regularly throughout the growing season. When growing sweet peas it is essential to cut the flower stems frequently and deadhead faded blooms to prevent seedpods developing. This will encourage more blooms to be produced and extend the flowering period throughout summer.Quantity: 1 packet of 25 seeds

Outback BBQ Cover - Meteor 4 Burner

Outback BBQ Cover – Meteor 4 Burner £33.99
The Outback BBQ Cover keeps your barbecue protected from the ravaging elements of the weather. Protecting your barbeque is very important if you’re wanting to keep it looking like new. Not only does the rain cause problems but sun can also damage the paintwork especially if you keep your barbecue out all year.Protects your BBQ year roundQuality vinylTailor fitUV proff heavy duty canvasEasy to cleanMade from quality vinyl this universal barbecue cover has been tailored to fit several different models and styles. Featuring UV proof heavy duty canvas for easy cleaning double seam stitching and Velcro straps for durability.Fits Meteor and Apollo barbecues with dimensions within L149 x W65 x H134cm.Washing: Hand wipe or spray with a hose. Hang to dry.Customer note: The image for the cover is for illustrative purposes. This may not be the final design.

Vegetable Seeds - Lettuce Salad Leaves Mixed

Vegetable Seeds – Lettuce Salad Leaves Mixed £2.19
A separately packaged collection to provide different types colours and textures and a longer harvest from one sowing. Ideal for small gardens providing a great selection in a small space.Sow thinly from spring to mid summer 6mm deep in drills 38cm apart. A moist well drained soil which has had plenty of compost during the previous autumn is best. In very hot weather it is best to water the soil before sowing and to make sowings during the early afternoon.Thin out gradually to 30cm apart and harvest when the head feels firm when gently pressed.Quantity: 500 seeds

Bamboo Edging 1m x 0.15m

Bamboo Edging 1m x 0.15m £1.99
This natural coloured Bamboo Edging makes a decorative yet practical addition to your garden. It provides you with an attractive way to separate your bordersfrom your lawn. Ideal for edging borders beds paths and drives this bamboo edging will also retain raised flowerbeds. Best of all it requires no fixings.Dimensions: L1m x H0.15m

Vegetable Seeds - Cucumber Cucino F1 Hybrid

Vegetable Seeds – Cucumber Cucino F1 Hybrid £3.99
These little cucino cucumbers can be eaten straight from the plant without any peeling.Crisp and flavoursome the fruit is produced prolifically throughout the season indoors or in a sheltered position outdoors.These prefer a moist and well-draining soil and grow exceptionally well in grow bags. Sow from February to May and harvest from June to October.4 seeds

Vegetable Seeds - Carrot Autumn King Improved

Vegetable Seeds – Carrot Autumn King Improved £2.19
An excellent maincrop variety with long large high quality conical roots with a fine even internal colour. Highly recommended for eating fresh or for winter storage.These carrots prefer a deep rich well drained soil which does not contain fresh manure or compost. Sow from spring to mid summer in drills 1cm deep spaced 30cm apart.As soon as the seedlings are large enough to handle start thinning them out so that they are finally 10cm apart. The last thinnings will provide tender roots just large enough to be used. Harvest autumn and winter. Approximate root length 30cm.2000 seeds

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