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New products at Blooming Direct

by John - May 22nd, 2015.
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New products today at Blooming Direct

120 Bedding Complete Bedding Plant Bundle

120 Bedding Complete Bedding Plant Bundle £31.96
These are the 3 most popular proven-winning items – perfect for hanging baskets, patio pots, tubs and troughs. This collection will be enough to fill most patios with vibrant summer colour, with the vibrant displays lasting well into early autumn. Order now to get the best value for money and ensure that your displays are the earliest – and the best – in your street! You will get 40 strong-growing, healthy plug plants each of these 3 summer stunners: Geranium Super Blooming Mixed Trailing Lobelia Fountains Mixed Petunia Frenzy Mixed

Calla Lily 'Picasso' (Zantedeschia) - pack of 3 bulbs

Calla Lily ‘Picasso’ (Zantedeschia) – pack of 3 bulbs £9.99
‘Picasso’ is a rare, unusual and simply beautiful Calla lily variety, producing stunning bicolour flowers each summer. Newly formed blooms are creamy-white to begin with, then open up magically to reveal their deep-purple hearts. A real showstopper! Grow singly in pots about 10-15cm diameter, or all 3 in a 20cm diameter pot. For best results, they should be kept very warm and well watered once planted for 2 weeks to kick-start their dormancy – on a heater or an airing cupboard is fine, then once the green shoots appear, they can be placed outside. The corms are shallow, and need to be planted saucer shape up, just with a shallow 1-2cm covering of compost only. You will be rewarded with tremendous displays of sumptuous calla flowers that last for 5-6 weeks, and appear again year after year.

Hardy Fuchsia Delta's Sarah x 3 garden ready

Hardy Fuchsia Delta’s Sarah x 3 garden ready £7.99
A sumptuous and stunning newcomer to the colour palette of ever-popular hardy fuchsias, this colour break of lavendar blue to purple corolla, and purest white sepals, makes this upright hardy fuchsia have garden stand out. Imagine the display in your garden year after year, it is perfecvt in laregr pots or garden borders in sunny spots.