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New products at Blooming Direct

by John - May 23rd, 2015.
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Blooming Direct has these new items today

Roots Boost 60g sachet

Roots Boost 60g sachet £3.99
Root Boost is the ultimate tree and bush planting aid, containing eighteen natural species of endo and ectomycorrhiza fungi which live on or near the roots, providing increased nutrient and water uptake through the roots. Root Boost also contains microbes for a healthier plant, supressing soil borne diseases. Bio stimulants such as Seaweed also help plants survive in stressful situations such as poor environmental conditions and poor soils. Roots Boost will give gardeners: Increased root growth and plant vigour Greater plant survivability after planting – especially with bare root Healthier plants from soon after planting More Efficient use of nutrients and fertiliser in soils and growing media Increased ability to survive in drought or infrequent watering Improved long term plant health. Can be used on majority of plant types (excluding brassicas, orchids and some acid loving plants), with either potted or bare root plants at planting. Each Roost Boost 60g pack treats 4 or 5 shrubs or rose bushes or 3 of our fruit trees. Simply apply once only at planting or transplanting, ensuring the Roots Boost granules are in close contact with plant roots to get the best and quickest effect. The fungi will colonise the soil near the roots, and live happily ever after in synergy with your new plants.

McDermotts Swell Gel & feed Plus 30g trial

McDermotts Swell Gel & feed Plus 30g trial £2.99
This brand new and exclusive product represents the very best of commercial plant food and water retention technology and is based on over 25 years of Peters hands on experience of growing plants within the horticultural sector. McDermotts SwellGel & Feed PLUS is the complete food and drink for your plants and hanging baskets, and has been specially formulated to work even better than its next best competitor! A true garden essential, it contains an especially formulated high water absorption crystal, which locks in water and swells up to a gel in your hanging baskets, tubs and pots. Just a few scoops per hanging basket holds about a litre of water for your plants, so they do not dry out in summer, meaning less water used, less time watering and better results as all that water is locked in to the root system, where it can be used to keep your plants flourishing. The multi-coloured granules contain some of the very best slow release fertiliser, and will feed your plants over a period of 6 whole months. Each granule contains a small dose of balanced fertiliser, slowly feeding your plants roots. Best of all, this unique formulation includes naturally occurring Humic Acid the completely natural way to look after the secret root system of your plant, that is a proven plant tonic encouraging even healthier natural growth, which has been found to improve overall plant health, disease resistance and vigour. For best results, mix in at planting out and filling your baskets, containers, growbags and pots indoors and outdoors. Supplied as a 500g tub, which treats about 25 or so standard hanging baskets or similar sized pots for one season. This 500g tub is resealable and comes with a free measuring scoop to ensure you get the perfect mixture, and will last for 3 years or more if the lid is kept on and the contents dry.