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Price reductions at Blooming Direct

by John - June 3rd, 2015.
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Reduced price on products today at Blooming Direct

Felicia Blue x 6 plugs

Felicia Blue x 6 plugs was £7.99 now £3.99
Lovely little daisy like blooms that are invaluable as part of a mixed basket or container as they add a colour combination that is seldom seen. This variety is more compact, needs no dead heading and is heat tolerant. They are easy to care for and are among the last plants to cease flowering at the end of a long summer.

Petunia 'Indian Summer Apricot Shades' x 12 plugs

Petunia ‘Indian Summer Apricot Shades’ x 12 plugs was £14.99 now £5.99
Simply wonderful and new to the market in 2014, be one of the first in the UK to grow this stunning variety and create cascades of beautiful colour in your garden this year. We discovered the exquisite and innovative Petunia Indian Summer Apricot Shades on a plant-finding trip last summer and it definitely had the ‘wow-factor’! The cascading streams of glorious Apricot Shades open up a whole new colourway in Petunia. The shades are hard to describe – with everything from apricot and peach, to terracotta and caramel, with some lovely patterned veining in-between. The overall effect when planted in baskets and containers is a lovely warm subtle glow.

Petunia 'Kermit Piggy' x 12 plugs

Petunia ‘Kermit Piggy’ x 12 plugs was £12.99 now £5.99
Pink and Green flowers are a very unusual flower colour combination – and the breeder has chosen to celebrate this by naming the variety after the 2 iconic characters from The Muppets! Whilst the name may be slightly unusual, the flower really is. A striking and very floriferous Petunia, the small, but very profuse pink flowers, edges lime green , really smother this clump forming new Petunia. Perfect for pots or hanging baskets, it gently trails, but performs really well in all weathers, and blends in and brightens many planting schemes. A great fun novelty colour, ideal for children perhaps to grow for fun, and as a great talking point.

Black Petunia 'Back to Black' - 12 plugs

Black Petunia ‘Back to Black’ – 12 plugs was £12.99 now £5.99
Brand new in 2013, and with its dark and mysterious, velvety black flowers, Petunia ‘Back to Black’ will bring something truly unique to your borders and pots throughout summer. Combine it with frothy white Verbena or White Surfinia for a monochrome black-and-white effect, or set them off with zingy, neon bright oranges, pinks and yellows to make them look several times brighter against the black background. They form nice neat clumps when planted together, so are ideal in pots, tubs and planters, or in the middle of hanging baskets. Black goes with everything! So why not get some Petunia ‘Back to Black’ for your garden this season?

Compact Fuchsia 'Flower Fairy' collection - 12 plugs

Compact Fuchsia ‘Flower Fairy’ collection – 12 plugs was £12.99 now £6.49
This fabulous Fuchsia Fairy collection will fill your pots and baskets with wave after wave of immensely pretty, small and delicate blooms. With the elegant flowers dancing like fairies in the breeze all throughout the summer months, these simply beautiful plants are perfect for patio pots. Selected by breeders for their high flower number and good weather tolerance, their delicate flowers will enthrall you as they nod in the gentle breeze. Varieties included: Fuchsia ‘Fairy Blue’ Fuchsia ‘Fairy Ice’ Fuchsia ‘Fairy Lavender’ Fuchsia ‘Fairy Lilac’ Fuchsia ‘Fairy Purple’ Fuchsia ‘Fairy White’

Trailing Verbena Collection x 12 Jumbo Plug Plants

Trailing Verbena Collection x 12 Jumbo Plug Plants was £12.99 now £6.49
Trailing Verbena will make a superb filler for all of your patio displays, giving a full look whatever the shape or size of the container. In fact, many of the very best professional growers specifically use Verbena to give hanging baskets and patio containers a sumptuous, full look that allows them to charge extra! These 4 vigorous varieties have been carefully selected from the best available because of their extraordinary colour range, fantastic flowering displays and the extra-long season the blooms are produced over. The delicate, serrated foliage grows in between all of the other plants in the container and also acts as a perfect foil for any brightly coloured bloomers! The long-lasting flowers open progressively from the bottom of the bloom and work towards the tip over several days so the visual impact is maximized. Varieties Included: Bright Pink Royal Purple Eye Pink Twister Roccoc Red

Trailing Bidens Plants 'Hot & Firey' mix x 12 plugs

Trailing Bidens Plants ‘Hot & Firey’ mix x 12 plugs was £14.99 now £7.49
Add some real impact to your mixed baskets with this dazzling mix of four of the brightest new Bidens. No longer just a filler plant, these recent introductions have far more about them that older forms with much bigger blooms on well branched plants. This means that they look stunning planted on their own as well as when giving a lift to more subdued colour schemes.

Million Bells Mini Petunia Trailing Plants x 12

Million Bells Mini Petunia Trailing Plants x 12 was £14.99 now £7.49
The original Calibrachoa from the same breeders as the famous Surfinia Petunia. Million Bells has proved itself again and again as a must have plant for baskets and containers and is now available in a wide range of colours from which we have chosen three of the best – yellow, blue and fuchsia pink. Plant on their own or in mixed baskets and planters and expect many hundreds of mini petunia blooms

12 Sunbrella Osteospermum Plug Plants

12 Sunbrella Osteospermum Plug Plants was £14.99 now £7.49
If youre looking for something a little different this summer, then look no further than Osteospermum Sunbrella! Launched to great acclaim 2 seasons ago, the Sunbrella series offers new option for low maintenance baskets and planters in sunny spots. Sunbrella is the world’s first true cascading or trailing Osteospermum, or Cape Daisy, and this collection comes in a mix of four gorgeous, soft spring colours, which can be used to fill hanging baskets and window boxes. The soft colours all tone beautifully together, and they look fabulous when planted in groups. When planted in hanging baskets, they will interweave to create a stunning ‘ball’ of colour from May up until the first frosts. With their long flowering period, these gorgeous flowers will provide you with a waterfall of colour, and best of all they love the sun, and are extremely drought tolerant! Varieties in this set Include: Sunbrella Pink; Sunbrella White; Sunbrella Salmon and Sunbrella Orange