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Stewart Garden non-electric propagator review

by Diane - June 11th, 2015.
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Seeds starting in the stewart propagatorStewart Garden non-electric propagators

I have been sent one of these Stewart Garden non-electric propagators to review.

My initial thoughts were that it was of solid build quality – the plastic top lid stands out against all the other propagators that I have bought. The clear plastic is solid and well constructed so it sits neatly on the base.
The air vents are a little stiff to use the first couple of times but this is perhaps a good thing as you don’t want them sliding open or shut when you lift the lid off to check the seedlings inside.
I really have enjoyed using this propagator. It’s much better quality than others I’ve bought to try this year. The base is very solid and you can carry the whole thing about secure in the knowledge that the lid will stay put.
It is an essential for starting seeds off in the greenhouse early in the year and then as temperatures increase you can use it for sowing more tender seeds in the house.
It’s main disadvantage is it is a little too wide for my windowsills , but still fits securely on without risk of tipping over, but it will overhang a little on an indoor windowsill. If that’s not a problem for you then it is a wonderful bit of kit. If you’re worried about this then buy the smaller one – but measure your windowsills first as yours might be big enough to fit the larger model!

The lid is sturdy and feels very rugged on the model I’ve tested. This gave me confidence that the heat was going to be kept in much better than on a flimsy version. The strength of the lid meant it stays on too – it sits firmly on the lip around the base.
It feels like it will last many years and withstand cleaning easily.
I look forward to trying it with more sowings later this year.
The strong base gives you security when carrying seedlings.
It is plenty deep enough to hold a range of pot sizes and you can squeeze in many pots or seed trays.

The vents allow you to keep the humidity in until seeds have germinated and then you can open them to allow more air to circulate as the seedlings grow.
Water seedlings from the bottom to avoid damaging the tiny plants – the depth of tray allows you to do this easily.
Once they are well started with their first set of real leaves appearing you can take them out of the propagator entirely. Or just take the lid off if you’re in no rush for re-using the propagator yet!

There are surprisingly few seeds that I grow that need bottom heat, so an unheated normal propagator is probably all most people need. This Stewart model has a price range and size range that will suit everyone. It’s well worth investing in one of these simple devices that will add more success to your seed sowing.
I have recommended this product to my gardening friends and suggest you check them out at the garden centre! Go and pick one up and see how lovely they are! They are excellent quality products that I know all gardeners will want to add to their arsenal of seed growing items.
It will give years of use which makes it excellent value.

Seeds in propagator
Stewart Garden’s quality assurance with this British made non-electric propagator is well founded! It’s a solid piece of equipment.

Stewart Garden Essentials Unheated Propagator
The Stewart Garden Essentials Unheated Propagator is available in two sizes, 38cm 52cm.

This simple-to-use propagator has a rigid Thermoform cover and adjustable ventilation.

38cm Essentials Unheated Propagator, RRP (recommended retail price) £4.99
52cm Essentials Unheated Propagator, RRP £9.99

Stewart Garden Premium Unheated Propagator
With a high clarity Styrene cover and adjustable ventilation, Stewart Garden assures quality from its premium non-electric propagators. Available in four sizes:

22cm Premium Unheated Propagator, RRP £3.99
38cm Premium Unheated Propagator, RRP £7.99
52cm Premium Unheated Propagator, RRP £15.99
67cm Premium Unheated Propagator (window sill size), RRP £13.99