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New products at Blooming Direct

by John - July 3rd, 2015.
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Blooming Direct has these new items today

Pair of Boulevard Patio Clematis 2L tripod - red & white

Pair of Boulevard Patio Clematis 2L tripod – red & white £24.99
Blooming Brilliant! ‘Boulevard Patio Clematis’… Compact ‘flower-towers’ lasting 6 months each year. It’s incredible but true… these compact beauties really will produce a torrent of bright, star-shapes blooms continuously for 6 months – every year! Bred and developed by world renowned Raymond Evison, this pair of stunning ‘Boulevard’ beauties will captivate all summer long with their large, impactful blooms and repeat-flowering habit. They have been bred for their compact growing habit and precocious flowering nature so you can create a massive colour impact from a very limited space. They are perfect for growing in in small spaces, in pots and containers, so are ideal for modern gardens where space may be limited. This pair contains one each of ‘Rebecca’ , a lovely burgundy red, and one of ‘Aneta’, which is pure snow white With displays lasting for up to 6 months – May until October – they will liven any terraced garden, patio, balcony or conservatory. They will never get out of hand, growing to just 4ft tall when mature, and only require a minimum of annual maintenance – PLUS they are totally winter hardy too! Each supplied as a 50cm cane tripod in 2L pot. These are simply fantastic value for money – order yours today!

Pair of Cordyline australis 1M tall plants

Pair of Cordyline australis 1M tall plants £19.99
Add an exotic touch to your garden with our instant impact 1M tall Cordyline palms. Already 5 years old, they are great for adding a modern twist to gardens, especially when grown in metallic or modern containers. Their regular swirled pattern of leaves form the slow growing trunk, creating a unique look for gardens. The bigger the plant, the hardier they are – these can withstand a -7C Winter Ok, but we always suggest frost protection fleeces or wrapping, or bring into a garage or porch etc for coldest Winters. Water them well in Summer when they are growing – they will grow 10-15cm a year here in UK. Cut off any dead leaves at the bottom, and that is what forms the trunk. The number one choice for a modern and exoic touch for UK gardens.

Hardy Fan Palm Trachycarpus 80-90cm with trunk

Hardy Fan Palm Trachycarpus 80-90cm with trunk £19.99
Trachycarpus is one of the most hardy palm trees you can get easily surviving past -10C so it is ideal for growing in the variable British climate! With its deep-green, tough, fan-shaped leaves producing wonderful shadows on your patio or lawn, this exotic beauty will be a brilliant centrepiece wherever you decide to plant it. It is slow-growing and compact ideal for a large patio pot, or alternatively you could plant it directly in the ground in a sunny spot. Simply cut off the leaves when they turn brown and over time, an upright, woody, fibrous trunk is formed. Trachycarpus will grow around 5-10cm a year.

Double Hardy Hibiscus 'Chiffon' collection - 3 x 9cm potted plants

Double Hardy Hibiscus ‘Chiffon’ collection – 3 x 9cm potted plants £19.99
These UK bred beauties are guaranteed to grow and thrive in your garden, producing towers of beautiful flower every summer – starting from this year! Each set includes well established potted 3 plants – one each of Chiffon Lavender, Chiffon Pink & Chiffon Blue. With beautiful blooms that grow up to 5 across, the multi-layered petals have a gorgeous ‘Chiffon’ look, (hence the name!) and will be produced in abundance from early summer every year – including this one! You can grow these as an excellent flowering hedge or place them in sunny beds and borders where they will create a visually arresting tower of colourful beautiful double blooms. Perfect for pots on your patio, they will eventually grow to 4-5ft tall if left un trimmed. Incredibly easy to care for – prune to shape just once a year in early spring, they are also totally winter hardy anywhere in the UK! UK bred by the renowned Notcutts Nurseries, these are truly world class varieties.

Ensete 'Maurelii (Red Abysinnian Banana) 50cm

Ensete ‘Maurelii (Red Abysinnian Banana) 50cm £14.99
Bananas have become very popular in the last few years, for their large architectural leaves as opposed to their fruit! The Red Abyssinian Banan is a relatve newcomer, and brings with it a stunning colour addition – the huge paddle shaped leaves that can reach 75cm long in a season are heavily veined burgnudy red, and in full sun the leaf edges have a very red tinge. Grow in large heavy pots for stability, in full sun and warm spots, and feed and water well in June-August when they grow quickly. Borderline hardy, so in late Autumn, allow leaves to die back and cut stem to 20cm tall, and bring somewhere frost free til following May. Keep dry, and new leaves should quickly emerge next year.