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New products at PondKeeper

by John - July 3rd, 2015.
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PondKeeper just added these new products

Bermuda FilterForce Xtreme 30000 Pond Pump

Bermuda FilterForce Xtreme 30000 Pond Pump £299.99
This is one of the most powerful pond pumps in our range. Capable of producing a flow rate of 30,000 litres per hour this is a real beast of a pump that can create a real “wow” in any garden. Despite the large flow the price is a small price to pay.

Bermuda FilterForce Xtreme 25000 Pond Pump

Bermuda FilterForce Xtreme 25000 Pond Pump £269.99
This pond pump from Bermuda is perfect when you need a really large flow rate. At maximum flow the pump can push out 25,000 litres of water per hour (5500 gallons per hour).
The pump has been designed to run with little maintenance required. The sturdy impellor can handle solid particles up to 9mm in size.

Bermuda FilterForce Xtreme 20000 Pond Pump

Bermuda FilterForce Xtreme 20000 Pond Pump £239.99
The Xtreme is a range of super-powerful pond pumps from UK brand Bermuda. This pump is capable of producing a fast flow rate of 20,000lph (4400 gallons per hour).
The pump can handle particles of dirt up to 9mm in size so will run clog-free 24/7.

Jebao Pond Air Pump 6000

Jebao Pond Air Pump 6000 £99.99
The Jeboa Air Pump 6000 offers one of the highest airflow rates in the UK market. Despites its power and quality construction we offer this pump at a highly competitive price.
You will be impressed by the high standard of build quality – the body is mainly of metal build which adds weight to the item and reduces operating noise.
All necessary fittings/accessories are included (pond airline, airstones and manifold) so you are ready to go as soon as your pump arrives.

Jebao Pond Air Pump  4800

Jebao Pond Air Pump 4800 £89.99
Weatherproof pond oxygenator able to generate 4800 litres per minute. Super quality at a bargain price – we even include the fittings you need (airline, air stones, manifold) to connect everything up.

Jebao Pond Air Pump   3600

Jebao Pond Air Pump 3600 £79.99
Great opportunity to purchase a professional quality air pump for less than £80!
This pump produces plenty of additional oxygen for your pond and comes with all of the fittings you need to operate straight from the box. We are currently running this pond air pump on our own test pond and have found it offers excellent performance. Free Air Pump Accessories Kit Worth £26.94.

Jebao Air Pump 2700 With FREE Accessories

Jebao Air Pump 2700 With FREE Accessories £69.99
As soon as you feel the weight of this air pump you can tell that you are getting a lot of bang for your buck.
The steel casing help adds weight to the pump which in turn helps reduce the noise from vibration.
This pump will generate a steady stream of 2700 litres of additional air into your pond. This will in tuen rapidly improve the condition of your pond water.

Bermuda Pondi Pond Vac - FREE Gloves

Bermuda Pondi Pond Vac – FREE Gloves £69.99
The Pondi Pond Vacuum has been around for many years and the latest generation model is its best ever.The powerful 1400w motor generates significant suction that pulls the dirt and debris from the bottom of your pond.

Jebao Air Pump 2100 Plus FREE Accessories Kit

Jebao Air Pump 2100 Plus FREE Accessories Kit £59.99
Quality Metal Air-Pump which produces a generous amount of additional oxygen to the pond.