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New products at Suttons Seeds

by Sarah - July 4th, 2015.
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New products at Suttons Seeds

Snowdrop Bulbs - Double

Snowdrop Bulbs – Double £19.99
The elegant double form of the common snowdrop, which not only looks beautiful in pots, borders or naturalised in the garden, but is ideal for cutting too. Flowers February-March. Height 17cm. Bulb size 5cm+. (Bulb sizes quoted in centimetres refer to the circumference of bulbs. All bulbs are sourced from cultivated stocks.)Simply choose a spot where they will remain undisturbed – in a shady corner, or at the base of deciduous trees and shrubs is ideal – and they will quickly multiply to create a carpet of plants that will delight you with a spectacular show year after year.

Garlic Bulbs - Lovers' Collection

Garlic Bulbs – Lovers’ Collection £13.40
Now an essential part of so many kitchen gardens, with excellent health benefits (lowering blood pressure, fat and cholesterol levels and combating infections). And they couldn’t be easier to grow – simply plant the garlic cloves in autumn, and they’ll be ready to lift and dry next July! Garlic Lovers’ Collection contains 8 bulbs (2 of each variety):Edenrose (French grown – hardneck) – A superb, high yielding hardneck variety. Bulbs contain a large number of easy to peel, rose skinned cloves with a strong flavour. 2 Bulbs (12-15 cloves per bulb).Printanor (French grown – softneck) – A reasonable new vareity with large bulbs filled with plump tasty cloves. Can be planted in the autumn and in the spring. 2 Bulbs (10-12 cloves per bulb).Germidour (French grown – softneck) – Violet-streaked skin with white cloves and a mild flavour, easily stored and split for cooking. Plant October-January. Plant October-January. 2 Bulbs (1-11 cloves per bulb). Messidrome (French grown – softneck) – White with excellent flavour for all culinary uses. Plant October-January. 2 Bulbs (10-11 cloves per bulb).

Cabbage Plants - Mixed Collection

Cabbage Plants – Mixed Collection £9.99
Three cabbages to provide you with winter crops of Savoy, Spring Greens and Red Cabbage. Contains 7 each of F1 Traviata, F1 Winter Jewel and F1 Rodeo.

Garlic Bulbs - Twin Pack Champion White & Purple

Garlic Bulbs – Twin Pack Champion White & Purple £9.99
Try our giant garlic, the best bulbs for the home grower – only bigger! 3 bulbs of each variety (expect around 10 cloves per bulb):Champion White – Great tasting, very large bulbs. Fantastic variety, great for the British climate. Suitable for planting from October right through to April. Begin harvesting in July from an October planting.Champion Purple – Excellent strong taste with very purple skin. Grows great in any climate, even throughout a wet summer! Suitable for planting from October to January. One of the earliest garlics, begin harvesting in June from October planting.

Brassica Plants - Collection

Brassica Plants – Collection £9.99
The collection contains 7 plants each of three different varieties: Cauliflower Sapporo – Extremely productive with excellent disease resistance. Plant in autumn for a late spring crop. Leaves will wrap around the cauliflower to protect from sunlight in the summer and frost in the winter, keeping the cauliflower with a uniform pure white colour.Kale Black Magic – A variety of the Italian black cabbage, bred to perform better in our climate, with improved cold tolerance, colour, leaf shape and bolt resistance than current Italian varieties. Good cut-and-come-again crop.Broccoli Stromboli – A first-class, extremely productive variety. Tasty, dark green florets over a long harvest season.

Bean (Broad) Plants - De Monica

Bean (Broad) Plants – De Monica £7.99
This superb early-maturing variety grows well in low daylight conditions, producing bountiful crops of 15cm (6) long pods, filled with 5-7 tasty, creamy-coloured beans per pod.Easy-to-grow varietyPlant now to crop next spring

Kale Plants - Mixed Collection

Kale Plants – Mixed Collection £6.99
Three kales to provide you with delicious, highly nutritious ‘leafy’ pickings from late autumn through winter. Contains 7 plants each of the following varieties: Red Russian, Nero di Toscana and Green Curled Afro.

Tulip Bulbs - Monsella

Tulip Bulbs – Monsella £3.99
SPECIAL OFFER: Scented Tulip Monsella 10 Bulbs – Was 7.98 NOW ONLY 3.99!Sturdy stems with blooms that open to reveal layers of frilly petals, combining sunshine yellow with red flames. Flowers late March-early April. Height 30-40cm. Blooms gently open to reveal layers of frilly petalsLong lasting bloomsSturdy stems