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Price reductions at PondKeeper

by John - July 24th, 2015.
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Reduced products at PondKeeper

PondXpert Solar Lily Red - Medium

PondXpert Solar Lily Red – Medium was £9.99 now £7.99
This artificial pond plant look beautiful both night and day. Powered by an integral solar panel it automatically charges up during the day and illuminates at night.

PondXpert FeatureFlow 350 Feature Pump

PondXpert FeatureFlow 350 Feature Pump was £9.99 now £7.99
This super little pump is perfect for powering small water features. It is small and quiet but packs a punch! Delivering up to 350 litres per hour of water it is perfect for a range of water features and pond spitters. It comes with a choice of nozzles meaning 8mm or 12mm (1/2″) hose can be attached.

PondXpert Solar Lily Red Single

PondXpert Solar Lily Red Single was £11.99 now £9.99
New for 2012 this realistic red lily would grace any pond.
The plant looks very realistic during the day then automatically illuminates at night. The solar panel which powers the back-up battery is discreetly hidden within the lily pad itself.

PondXpert FeatureFlow 450 Feature Pump

PondXpert FeatureFlow 450 Feature Pump was £12.99 now £10.39
This 450lph pond pump can push water to a height of 0.95m. It is perfect for powering pondside ornaments such as pond spitters or for attchment to water features.
Pump comes complete with a flow adjuster so you can fine-tune the amount of water that is produced.
Pumps supplied with two hosetails allowing connection of 8mm and 12mm pond hose or airline.

PondXpert FeatureFlow 750 Feature Pump

PondXpert FeatureFlow 750 Feature Pump was £14.99 now £11.99
Perfect little pond pump!
This pump can produce a good flow rate of 700lph making it perfect to power water features, pondside ornaments and pond spitters.
It incorporates a flow adjustment dial allowing the user to set the perfect level of flow. Two hosetails are included which means attachment of 8mm airline or 12mm pond hose is achievable.

PondXpert Solar Lilies Triple Red

PondXpert Solar Lilies Triple Red was £14.99 now £12.99
This new set of flaoting lilies are joined together as one plant and float on the surface of your pond. At night each lily has a bright white LED light at it’s centre which illuminates.

PondXpert FeatureFlow 1000 Feature Pump

PondXpert FeatureFlow 1000 Feature Pump was £19.99 now £15.99
The NEW FeatureFlow from PondXpert is an exciting pond pump that is perfect in powering water features or pond spitters
It is avaialble at a suprisingly low price yet still has all of the features you would expect from a feature pump including flow control and an ample length of 5 metre power cord.

PondXpert FeatureFlow 1200 Feature Pump

PondXpert FeatureFlow 1200 Feature Pump was £22.99 now £18.39
Popular size of feature pump available at a super price.
The PondXpert FeatureFlow is a new range of feature pumps ideal for powering pond ornament or water features. The FeatureFlow 1200 can push water to a height of 2 metres and has a mximum flow rate of 1200 litres per hour.

PondXpert FeatureFlow 1500 Feature Pump

PondXpert FeatureFlow 1500 Feature Pump was £24.99 now £19.99
The FeatureFlow 1500 from PondXpert is a new pond pump capable of producing a flow rate of 1500 litres of water per hour. This pump is ideal for connecting to pond ornaments or water features to produce a reliable flow of water. The pump can push water to a height of 2.5m (8 feet) but it’s flow rate will diminish the higher the water exits due to the effects of gravity.