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What colour can you paint your allotment shed?

by Diane - July 29th, 2015.
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Here in Oldham we are restricted to only brown or green for the colour of our sheds. And they must be made of wood!

Does that sound quite boring?
It might do if it wasn’t for this new wood stain from Alcro, Sweden’s leading paint brand.

Available in 72 colours, this is great for gardeners who wants to revive, colour and protect garden sheds, gazebos, pergolas, furniture, fences and more.

Shed paint colours

As well as this massive range they will also mix bespoke colours

Alcro Fasad is available in a 1L tin or a 3L tub and retails at £18.34 and £53.34 excl VAT respectively.

For more information, free colour cards and to purchase for next day delivery, please visit: or contact Tel: 01603 400777