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New products at GreenFingers

by John - August 1st, 2015.
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GreenFingers has these new items today

Gutter Mesh 5m

Gutter Mesh 5m £1.49
This Gutter Mesh is just the thing for preventing leaves and debris from clogging gutters and drainpipes. Manufactured from PE material so it doesn

Miracle-Gro Organic Choice All Purpose Plant Food 1.5kg

Miracle-Gro Organic Choice All Purpose Plant Food 1.5kg £3.99
The Miracle-Gro Organic Choice All Purpose Plant Food produces more blooms and vegetables without chemical intervention. Its carefully balanced organic formula provides your plants with essential nutrients required for optimum growth and flowering. Ideal for use on all plants100% natural ingredientsUse Mar-SepIt comes in a handy re-sealable pouch that keeps the product fresh.Quantity: 1.5kgFeeds up to 20m

Chapelwood Premium Black Sunflower Seeds 3.5kg

Chapelwood Premium Black Sunflower Seeds 3.5kg £5.59
Black sunflower seed is both high in oil and protein they have a thin skin which means the protein and oils can be gained with the least effort. Presented in a Stay Fresh foil lined bag for increased quality.Loved and very popular with all species especially with Finches and Tits even the soft-billed Blackbirds and Robins are happy to feed on these tasty oil rich seeds.3.5kg bag

Cuprinol Less Mess Fence Care 6 Litre - Autumn Red

Cuprinol Less Mess Fence Care 6 Litre – Autumn Red £6.59
With just one coat Cuprinol Less Mess Fence Care does exactly what it says on the tin! One easy application

Roundup Pump n Go Ready To Use Weedkiller 2.5 Litres

Roundup Pump n Go Ready To Use Weedkiller 2.5 Litres £16.98
No more tired hands with this Roundup Pump n Go Weedkiller! This fast action weedkiller is a ready to use pump sprayer that provides you with up to 3 minutes of controllable spray which makes its application easier. It is a systemic weedkiller that kills weeds from the inside out and attacks the roots to prevent the weeds from returning. It gives results in 1-2 days and is ideal for paths patios drives and flower beds as it also leaves no harmful residue for pets plants or family because it degrades in the soil to allow replanting. Contains glyphosate Use Feb-Nov Quantity: 2.5 litresCoverage: 75m

Chapelwood Fun Bird Feeder - Robin

Chapelwood Fun Bird Feeder – Robin £4.19
A novel wild bird feeder this Chapelwood Robin Fun Feeder is designed to add colour to your garden as well as attract a wide variety of wild birds. Ideal for use with sunflowers hearts black sunflowers and peanuts it is made from steel with a side fill mechanism to ensure that the feeder remains closed when hanging. This high capacity feeder is perfect for placing on a tree branch or hanging bracket.With disappearing habitats and climatic changes the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) and the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) both recommend the year-round feeding of garden birds to maintain a healthy and viable flock of native species. Feeding requirements are greater in late autumn and winter when natural resources are in shorter supply and high energy levels are also needed during spring when birds are busy breeding and raising young. Once you have established a feeding regime – don

Bayer Cat-a-Pult 1 Litre

Bayer Cat-a-Pult 1 Litre £3.49
Bayer Cat-a-Pult is a powerful ready to use animal repellent spray.Benefits:Repels cats dogs birds rabbits and other animals Can be used around the gardenExcellent valueProtects plantsActive Ingredient: Aluminium ammonium sulphateFor use all year roundCapacity: 1 litreAlways read the label and use pesticides safely

Joseph Bentley Gardeners Apprentice Carbon Steel Dutch Hoe

Joseph Bentley Gardeners Apprentice Carbon Steel Dutch Hoe £9.99
This Joseph Bentley Gardener’s Apprentice Carbon Steel Dutch Hoe is the ideal choice for younger gardeners that are serious about their pastime.This hoe is made to the same high levels of quality and charm that defines the adult range. It is a lighter and smaller tool whilst still being made from carbon steel and FSC certified solid oak.Carbon steel headFSC certified handleSmooth metallic finishIdeal for the younger gardenerThe design of this hoe makes it ideal for cutting down small weeds with ease as well as breaking up the surface before planting seed drills. The combination of its size weight and solid oak handle mean that this is a comfortable practical and carefully finished hoe for budding gardeners.Length: 100cm The wood is FSC certified timber which gives you the peace of mind that it has been sourced from responsibly managed forests.

Miracle-Gro Fish Blood & Bone Natural Plant Food 1.5 kg

Miracle-Gro Fish Blood & Bone Natural Plant Food 1.5 kg £2.99
A great all purpose plant food Miracle-Gro Fish Blood and Bone Natural Plant Food not only boosts soil fertility but also produces more flowers fruit and vegetables. It encourages strong and healthy growth and contains a combination of fast releasing nitrogen and naturally occurring materials which supply the three main nutrients of organic nitrogen phosphate and potassium. Contains:Organic nitrogen slowly and steadily releases for up to 8 weeks promoting growth and healthy rich green foliagePhosphate slowly and steadily releases to promote vigorous root Potassium promotes flower production and improve ripening of fruit and vegetablesCan be utilised as top dressing on lawnsExcellent long term feedQuantity: 1.5kg

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