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New products at John Lewis

by John - August 6th, 2015.
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John Lewis has these new products today

Kew Gardens Mini Bug Cottage Bumble

Kew Gardens Mini Bug Cottage Bumble £27.95
 Insects are integral to achieving a balanced ecosystem in your garden. Species such as ladybirds and lacewings will help to control aphids, and bees deliver an essential pollination service. You can encourage a wide range of beneficial insects into your garden by providing nesting sites and refuges. The different floors of this Insect Tower offer shelter for a variety of insect species. The tubes at the top are designed for solitary bees, such as Red Mason Bees, to lay their eggs. There is also a floor with vertical slots to encourage butterflies

Cath Kidston Woodland Rose Travel Cup

Cath Kidston Woodland Rose Travel Cup £8.00
Ideal for picnics and the commute, this travel cup features the iconic Woodland Rose pattern by Cath Kidston.

Sophie Allport Green Fingers Kneeler, Green/White

Sophie Allport Green Fingers Kneeler, Green/White £12.50
 Maintaining the garden can be dirty and gruelling business; creating scuffs and tears on trousers when kneeling down, and ultimately causing damage to knee caps. This Sophie Allport garden kneeler aims to eliminate the perils of pruning the plants by providing support and protection for knees. Not only is this Sophie Allport pattern adorable, the cover on this garden accessory is both water repellent & hard wearing, making it functional too. Give it as a heartfelt gift to someone who enjoys pottering around their plot.

John Lewis Street Scene Print Flask, Multi

John Lewis Street Scene Print Flask, Multi £5.10
To mark our 150th anniversary, we’re collaborating with some of our longstanding suppliers to create unique and exclusive commemorative products. Created in our own Design Studio, this print features an archive scene of our Oxford Street shop, and is inspired by the use of colour found in designs from the studio of Raymond Loewy. The narrative images are inspired by a John Lewis fashion brochure dating back to the 1920-30s and feature ladies in iconic dresses in front of the original Peter Jones, the remodelled Peter Jones and John Lewis Oxford Street. The illustration of Oxford Street has been reinterpreted from an image found in our archives of Oxford Street dating back to mid 19th century.

Kew Gardens Oklahoma Nest Box

Kew Gardens Oklahoma Nest Box £14.95
 This Kew Gardens Oklahoma Nest Box is slate roofed and designed as a general purpose nest box for species such as Nuthatches, Great Tits, Pied Flycatchers, Tree Sparrows and House Sparrows. Site 1.5m high facing between North and East to avoid direct sunlight or the driving rain. This nest box has a cleaning flap and drainage holes.

Piscis Fish Flask

Piscis Fish Flask £8.50
From trout to herring, this flask is adorned in an array of fresh water fish. It’s perfect for carrying hot and cold drinks around in style. Please note: liquid temperatures should be 90°C or less to avoid burning.

John Lewis Summer Stripe Deck Chair Sling

John Lewis Summer Stripe Deck Chair Sling £15.00
 A summer candy print featuring multicoloured stripes adorns this sling. Pair it with a deck chair frame to offer comfortable seating in your garden, or use it to refresh an existing deck chair. For use with John Lewis Sycamore deck chair frame. Please note: Not all of our ranges are on display in our furniture departments. Please call www.johnlewis. your nearest John Lewis to check before you visit. Interest Free Credit: If you buy this product in our shops, it’s eligible for Interest Free Credit, which is available when you spend £1000 or more on selected home products. Terms and conditions apply: find out more

Wooden Handle Crate with 4 Pots

Wooden Handle Crate with 4 Pots £7.50
 Create your very own miniature herb garden with this set of four pots in a handy wooden carrier crate. These rustic, worn-look pots go back to basics and bring a little bit of nature inside your home.

Cath Kidston Billie Travel Cup

Cath Kidston Billie Travel Cup £8.00
A charming stand-out on the commute or at picnics, this travel mug features the ever-adorable Billie, Cath Kidston’s own pet dog.