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New products at Suttons Seeds

by Sarah - August 18th, 2015.
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Suttons Seeds just added these new items

Sweet Pea Seeds - Distant Horizons

Sweet Pea Seeds – Distant Horizons £3.99
A new formulation of our popular New Horizons, this will give you the most comprhensive mixture available. Flowers June-September, mid May-August. Height 151-200cm (5-6′). Double Pack.Striped and frilly typesEarly, mid and late flowering typesLong flowering periodSelf and bicolours

Cosmos Seeds - Xanthos

Cosmos Seeds – Xanthos £3.69
The sky is the limit, but Cosmos Xanthos goes beyond. Cosmos Xanthos is an amazing new Cosmos. Dwarf and early flowering yellow Cosmos. Unique and new colour in early flowering Cosmos bipinnatus. Flowers July-October. Height 60cm (24).Stunning soft yellow with lighter edgesRound flowers, single and some with collaretteNew colour breakDwarf habit

Marigold African Seeds - F1 Key Lime

Marigold African Seeds – F1 Key Lime £2.99
Plump lime green blooms creates a cool luminous glow in the border, long steemed plants produce a steady succession of gorgeous scentless blooms in a one of a kind colour.Flowers July-October. Height 81-90cm (32-35).Flowers will last upto 3 weeksSuitable for cut flowersUnique flowers

Chinese Cabbage Seeds - F1 Natsuki

Chinese Cabbage Seeds – F1 Natsuki £2.99
Ideal for use as a mini chinese cabbage in stir-fries, or leave to develop fully fior use as a normal cabbage. Dark green outer leves with pale succulent centre. 150-200g heads.Harvest in 35-45 days for mini-head production, 55 days for full size heads

Sweet Pea Seeds - Showbench Mix

Sweet Pea Seeds – Showbench Mix £2.49
Should you wish to enter your local village show then this is the mixture to go for. Flowers June-September, mid May-August. Height 180cm (6′).Specially selected show varietiesGood weather toleranceExcellent wide range of strong performers

Beetroot Seeds - Burpees Golden

Beetroot Seeds – Burpees Golden £2.49
A superb, yellow-fleshed beetroot, providing great colour in salads or pickles. Leaves can be cooked like spinach. Row 4.5m (15′). Globe variety. Maturing 12-16 weeks from sowing.Juice doesnt run when cut causing no staining

Beetroot Seeds - Albina Verduna

Beetroot Seeds – Albina Verduna £2.49
A pure white, fairly smooth round heirloom beet from Holland. Its super sweet white flesh is unusual and tasty. The greens are also good. This beet can be used for making sugar.Juice doesnt run when cut causing no staining

Broccoli Seeds - White Star

Broccoli Seeds – White Star £0.99
High yielding good quality, creamy white tender spears with a mild flavour that will please most palettes, succulent tender shoots, holds well, melts in the mouth. Simply steam or lightly boil the spears for a delicious treat.