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Price reductions at Crocus

by Sarah - September 13th, 2015.
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Crocus has cut the price of these lines

Beech dibber

Beech dibber was £5.99 now £4.49
You can use a stick or an old biro to sow large seeds – or plant out seedlings, but a proper dibber is so much more satisfying to use! This Beech dibber is hand made in England and feels lovely in the hand. It should (like its owner) only get better with age

Hexagonal insect boxes

Hexagonal insect boxes was £19.99 now £17.99
Get one of each for only £49.99 You don’t have to have a big garden to help beneficial insects like ladybirds, digger wasps and mason bees. These boxes provide insects with a night time safe haven and secure winter quarters. Available singularly or as a pack of three these boxes will turn your outdoor space into a sanctuary for insects. Position these Neudorff insect boxes no lower than knee height in a southward facing sunny area, protected from wind and rain. Surround with a few pots to provide the insects with valuable food. Ladybirds and lacewings are extremely helpful in the garden as they feed on pests such as aphids, thrips and mealybugs. These insects are also beneficial as they help to pollinate the flowers of both wild and cultivated plants. Ladybirds and lacewings use the pine cones in this box for shelter from the elements and predators. Mason bees help to pollinate a huge range of flowers, particularly those of fruit trees, thereby encouraging a good harvest. This insect box with it’s numerous wooden cavities offers mason bees an ideal breeding location. In the spring these wild bees start laying eggs inside the holes in the wood and then fill these holes with clay and other materials throughout the summer. The following spring the bees will hatch inside the tubes and then gnaw their way out to freedom. Digger wasps are hugely beneficial as they will regulate a pest problem by feasting on aphids, leafhoppers and leaf beetle larvae, reducing the need to use harmful pesticides in your garden. This box offers digger wasps an ideal nesting site as they dig deep trenches into the soft core of the bamboo wood and lay their eggs safely. Once the eggs hatch, the parent wasps bring insect pests that they have stunned from the garden to their young to feed. Wild bees will also use the hollow stems as shelter and nesting sites. Measurements: Height 20cm Depth: 8cm