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Price reductions at Suttons Seeds

by Sarah - September 16th, 2015.
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Suttons Seeds has cut the price of these items

Rhubarb Seeds - Victoria

Rhubarb Seeds – Victoria was £2.79 now £0.99
The best cooking rhubarb, noticeably sweeter and milder than all others. Victoria has deep crimson, red stalks that are slender and very tender.Rhubarb is incredibly popular in British homes and kitchens. Top chefs are keen on rhubarb because it is low in carbohydrates, high in vitamins and is therefore a nutritious slimming food. Rhubarb is extremely versatile – you can use it to make puddings, jams and even use it as a vegetable. You can even put it into a perennial border to provide foliage.

Suttons Seed Tin - SPECIAL OFFER

Suttons Seed Tin – SPECIAL OFFER was £6.99 now £2.00
To launch our new 2016 Seed Catalogue, we’re offering our beautiful new limited edition Suttons Seed Tin for only 2.00 when you order 3 or more packs of seeds! Based on an original 1871 cover design from our historic catalogue archives, we think it’s a real collectors item! Measures: 16cm (6) x 22cm (9) x 6cm (2) deep.Please note: Offer limited to one per order. However, additional Seed Tins are available at the normal price of 6.99 using code 592845.