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Price reductions at Jersey Plants Direct

by Sarah - September 17th, 2015.
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Jersey Plants Direct has cut the price of this product

Saga Chillies and Herb Offer

Saga Chillies and Herb Offer was £29.99 now £19.99
Mini Standard Chilli Pepper Medusa & ConicThese edible Chilli Peppers have been grown in 2 litre pots and already have chillies ripening, allowing you to pick-a-pepper from Summer right through to Autumn. All you need to do is just let them grow and have fun picking them fresh for your curries or stir fries!Chilli Pepper Conic: Also from a purely aesthetic perspective this is a really beautiful plant which is covered with conical shaped peppers in shades of yellow and green set against luscious green foliage. They have a refined spicy flavour which is perfect for adding a subtle touch of spice to your dishes.Chilli Pepper Medusa: This is an extremely ornamental variety, covered with long, thin peppers in shades of yellow, orange and red on a single plant set against mid-green foliage. They have a sweet flavour and are a mild variety (only 600 units on the Scoville scale, compare this to the Habanero variety, which has an astounding 200,000 units!), perfect for adding a subtle touch of spice to your dishes.Pre-Planted Herb Collection: We’ve taken all the effort out of growing your own herbs. Just follow the care instructions provided and this pre-planted trough will provide you with all the Sage, Mint and Lemon Balm you will need for your culinary needs. Very easy to maintain.