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New products at Crocus

by Sarah - September 18th, 2015.
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New items today at Crocus

Magnolia grandiflora 'Little Gem' (evergreen magnolia)

Magnolia grandiflora ‘Little Gem’ (evergreen magnolia) £49.99
Position: full sun or partial shade Soil: any moist, well-drained soil, including chalky Rate of growth: slow-growing Flowering period: August to September Hardiness: fully hardy A smaller version of the bull bay, this evergreen shrub is ideal for smaller gardens- or for training against a courtyard wall. It has an upright habit and throughout the year, the branches are clothed with 12cm long dark green leaves that have a furry, rusty orange underside. This becomes quite an attractive feature as the tree matures and is viewed from beneath. It’s when the creamy white late summer flowers appear however that these impressive plants are at their best. Garden care: Plant in a sheltered spot, away from strong winds. Requires minimal pruning. Remove any broken, diseased or crossing branches in spring. The best time to plant is in April, adding plenty of peat to the planting hole, in a sheltered spot. Mulch in spring with manure or leafmould, especially on dry soils.

Pink haws watering can

Pink haws watering can £34.99
A great gift for the gardener! Not only is it very stylish but also incredibly practical too, and a hot favourite with the crew here. As recommended in the ‘The Telegraph’ (April 22nd 2006) Please note that this watering can is a hot pink rather than a pale pink as pictured. Features: Hot pink dip galvanised (so it wont rust) Powder coated (very hard wearing) Complete with removable brass rose 5lt capacity

Phormium 'Bronze Baby' (New Zealand flax)

Phormium ‘Bronze Baby’ (New Zealand flax) £17.99
Position: full sun Soil: fertile, moist, well-drained soil Rate of growth: average Flowering period: July Hardiness: frost hardy (may need winter protection) With their arching, strappy, sword-shaped leaves, Phormiums make a dramatic statement in the garden. Originating from New Zealand, where their fibre has traditionally been used in the same way as hemp or sisal, they are versatile evergreen plants that tolerate a range of conditions and look at home in a variety of different planting schemes. They have become increasingly popular in recent years, with more and more colourful vareities being introduced . This is a compact variety, with deep purple-bronze leaves that make dramatic punctuation marks in a sheltered, sunny patio or courtyard. The dark leaves are beautifully offset by gravel, too. In hot summers, a spike of tubular, red flowers will shoot up from the centre, followed by sturdy seed-heads. Garden care: Requires minimal pruning. In late spring remove any dead or damaged leaves and apply a balanced fertiliser and a mulch of well-rotted organic matter to stimulate vigorous, new growth.

Torino Campana pot Square

Torino Campana pot Square £12.99
The torino campana is a classic pot which is sure to brighten up any garden, patio or balcony. Available in a range of colours and made from 100% weatherproof resin. Measurements Large: Height: 34cm Diameter: 40cm Capacity: 26 litres Measurements Small: Height: 26cm Diameter: 30cm Capacity: 12 litres Please note the pot mover is not included. Elho pots have many features which make them one of the best plastic pots to have in the garden. Lightweight therefore easy to move around. Waterproof thus these pots are easy to clean, will resist bacteria growth and prevent leaks. Being frost proof, these pots will withstand temperatures down to -20 degrees celsius. Durable and UV resistant, these pots look like new, for longer.