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New products at Jersey Plants Direct

by Sarah - September 23rd, 2015.
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New product at Jersey Plants Direct

MSE Chilli Apache F1 and Basket of Fire Pre-Planted Containers

MSE Chilli Apache F1 and Basket of Fire Pre-Planted Containers £9.99
Gorgeous medium hot chilliesChilli Pepper Basket of Fire is a prolific fruiting variety which is dripping with small hot fruits on a compact, leafy, semi-trailing plant. The fruits mature from deep purple through cream and orange to mature to a bright red. The plants have a good tolerance to cooler weather lasting well into the autumn. Harvested fruits are easy to dry as well as being ideal for fresh use. Make great Christmas gifts bottled in chilli oil.Chilli Pepper Apache F1 produces a medium hot bright red fruits. It matures early from late June onwards and will just keep on producing more pods throughout the season. Don’t forget, the more you pick the more pods that will be formed.During the summer they can go out in the Sunshine and that spurts the growth for the following year so long as they are not overwatered. Water your Chilli Plants only when the top of the soil is dry to touch, and never let them sit in water, rather like Orchids & Cacti. During July to September feed with baby bio or tomato feed. Both the Fire Basket and the Apache really come in to their own in the second and third year of fruiting.