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Price reductions at Suttons Seeds

by Sarah - September 24th, 2015.
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Suttons Seeds reduced the price on these items today

Just a Note Duo Card Pack

Just a Note Duo Card Pack was £4.98 now £1.99
Set of 8 notecards with envelopes. Supplied as a two pack, one of each design.

Pink Microfibre Cloth

Pink Microfibre Cloth was £2.49 now £1.99
Triple pack of microfibre cloths for multipurpose cleaning.


Confetti was £2.49 now £1.99
Assortment of santa, snowman & reindeer confetti packs ideal for the festive season. Set of three.

Onion Sets - Rose de Roscoff

Onion Sets – Rose de Roscoff was £3.99 now £3.49
A traditional rosy-coloured French market variety, introduced in the 17th century, passed down through generations of skilled growers, with a Designation of Protected Origin (like Cornish pasties). Its texture feels juicy and crunchy in the mouth and it has a fruity and sweet taste, with a slight sharpness. After cooking its texture becomes tender and the sharpness gives way to a sweet taste. Stores very well – can often be kept until the spring of the year following its harvest!

Squash Plants - Patty Pan Collection

Squash Plants – Patty Pan Collection was £6.99 now £5.99
Tender, nutty-flavoured summer squashMost tender when picked 6-8cm across3 easy to grow, prolific-cropping varietiesCollection contains 3 plants (1 of each variety): Twinkle, Kermit, Polo.

Cosy Ear Muffs - Owl

Cosy Ear Muffs – Owl was £8.99 now £7.99
Adjustable ear muffs with two cosy click and heat gel pads. 14 x 17.5 x 10.5cm.

Petal Bowl

Petal Bowl was £9.99 now £8.99
Petal-shaped ceramic bowl, supplied with 70g woodland spice pot-pourri. Diameter 22cm.

Pepper Chilli Plants - Festival Ultimate Collection

Pepper Chilli Plants – Festival Ultimate Collection was £12.99 now £9.99
Collection contains 6 plants (1 of each variety):Bhut Jolokia – Fruits ripen from green through to red. The pods are 5-8.5cm (2-3) in length. Does well in a warm glasshouse. Height 45cm (17) in small 10cm pot to 120cm (47) in a large 10 litre pot. Use plastic gloves when handling this pepper. Use is entirely at your own risk! One of the world’s hottest chilli peppers – 1,000,000+ SHU.Paper Lantern – Produces an elongated wrinkly shaped pod with a pointed end. Matures from lime green to orange through to bright red and reaches about 5-7cm (2-3) long. Sweet/fruity taste if you can get past the heat. Good outdoors in a sunny spot. Height 80-100cm (32-40) in a 7-10 litre pot. (South American) – 350,000-400,000 SHU.Prairie Fire – Masses of very small, upward-pointing peppers that ripen from cream, through yellow, orange and purple to red. Ideal in pots and super for a windowsill. Small, tapering fruits are 1cm () at widest, 3cm (1) long. Height 20-30cm (8-12) when grown in 10cm pot. (Mexico) – 70,000-80,000 SHU. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner.Peruvian Lemon Drop – A hot, lemony-flavoured Aji type. Fruits ripen from pale green to yellow, are hot, 2cm () at widest, 8cm (3) long and hang downwards on the plants. Ideal for a large pot on a patio; better in a greenhouse. Height 140-160cm (55-65). (Peru) – 30,000-50,000 SHU.Joe’s Super Long – High yields of hot, slender, cayenne-style chillies reaching up to 25cm (10) long. Ripen from a dark, bottle-green to red with a strong pungency that is excellent for making hot sauces or for drying to make powders. For glasshouse or outdoors. Height 80100cm (32-40) in a 7-10 litre pot. (South America) – 15,000-20,000 SHU.Jalapeno – Probably the world’s most famous chilli. The unique flavour works perfectly when sliced onto a pizza or to spice up a simple sandwich. When in a green state the Jalapeno is great to eat but becomes a little sweeter when they turn red. Suitable for glasshouse or outdoor production. Height 120-130cm (48-52) in a 7-10 litre pot. (Mexico) – 2,500-5,000 SHU.

Mini Spice Tins

Mini Spice Tins was £14.99 now £11.99
Emma Bridgewater design set of four spice tins with self-adhesive labels (assortment of spice names). Each 8 x 10.5cm.