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New products at Gardens and Homes Direct

by Sarah - September 30th, 2015.
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Gardens and Homes Direct has this new item today

Perfect for gently illuminating pathways and borders while adding variegated patterns of light, colour and contrasting shadow to shrubs, plants and pots: Our Blue Mosaic Border Solar Lights have brightly illuminated coloured glass mosaic shades mounted in sturdy and durable, stainless steel casings and shafts with groundspikes. Each lantern contains a bright white LED which automatically switches on and off at dusk and dawn. The lights are powered by rechargeable batteries, supplied by integrated solar panels on the tops of the casings – so no trailing wires or cables. Features: Blue mosaic glass lantern shade. Perfect for pathways borders patios and decking. Automatically turn on at dusk and off at dawn. On/Off switch. Dimensions: Height 40cm/15in Diameter 7cm/2.75in