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New products at Crocus

by Sarah - October 4th, 2015.
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Crocus has these new products today

Buxus & Poppy Seed Hanging wreath

Buxus & Poppy Seed Hanging wreath £69.99
Dried Poppy Seed Heads make striking natural baubles, especially en-masse and in a structure like this. Held in tiered rings of Buxus (Box) foliage they bear more than a passing resemblance to a Christmas tree. Held in place by two different thicknesses of red ribbon, with a third olive green ribbon to attach the poppy seed heads, this is a vibrant piece, for suspending above a table, or hallway, in a stairwell, or in a window. As with any fresh foliage, the Buxus will look better if kept cool and misted with water occasionally – however if it’s stored carefully it dries to a beautiful parchment colour, and could be hung again for years to come. Simply select your preferred delivery date from the above options.

Nigella & Fir Hanging wreath

Nigella & Fir Hanging wreath £69.99
The dried seed heads of Nigella are like beautiful striped, natural baubles and set off against a delicate feathery green fir base, they make a stunning centrepiece. Above a table or in front of a window, with or without the clip-on candle holders and beeswax candles, this hanging is an eye-catching natural decoration. Hung on pale gold ribbons, the fresh fir is the only part of this piece that will change as it dries out, over the Christmas season. Losing the vibrance of its colour but not the delicacy of its form, it becomes just as beautiful as a dried decoration. Simply select your preferred delivery date from the above options.

Dusted Yew & Berry Wreath

Dusted Yew & Berry Wreath £46.99
To evoke the perfect Christmas feel of a dusting of snow or hoar frost we’ve lightly powdered the yew foliage in this wreath which also helps preserve it, holding those needles on for longer. A subtle and pretty wreath, on a handmade willow base, with a pop of pumpkin in the hand dyed ribbon, in a flourish at the top. It is substantial enough for a front door, but could equally well be used inside for a centre piece over the fireplace, or on a wall. An occasional misting with a water spray will help preserve the foliage for as long as possible. Simply select your preferred delivery date from the above options.

Leafy berried Ivy Wreath

Leafy berried Ivy Wreath £39.99
A traditional foliage for Christmas, Ivy has some glamour about its shiny green leaves and plump black and green berries. En masse, as it is here, it feels luxurious, almost opulent mixed with the natural Buxus (Box) sprigs, sprayed gold to catch the light. This wreath is formed on a traditional straw stuffed, moss covered wreath base, and when the foliage does eventually dry back, you can strip the leaves and use the wreath base again for years to come, by allowing it to dry and storing carefully. The foliage will last longest if you mist with water spray daily, and keep it as cool as possible.

Hedgerow wreath

Hedgerow wreath £37.99
Supple birch twigs are twisted together to form the base of this wreath, and teased out of the circle to form a natural, wilder impression. At the ends of the Birch are the early forming juvenile catkins, decorating the tips of the twigs. Dressed with feathers and foliage on the lower arc, this makes a substantial, dramatic wreath for a front door where it will enjoy the cool, and any wet. If you want to hang this wreath inside, keep it as cool as possible and mist the foliage with water daily. Simply select your preferred delivery date from the above options.

Dried Ruscus Star

Dried Ruscus Star £29.99
The parchment quality of dried leaves are particularly well appreciated if this is hung in a window with the light streaming through. Its a delicate, unusual star, with all the subtlety of natural materials, complemented with the pop of bright red, festive colour in the paper covered wire that binds this piece together. If handled and stored carefully, this star should last for a run of Christmas seasons. Simply select your preferred delivery date from the above options.

Poppy Seed Head & Guinea Fowl Feather Wreath

Poppy Seed Head & Guinea Fowl Feather Wreath £29.99
Here’s a wreath that is both sharp and primitive, light and punchy; with striking graphic colours softened by the natural irregularity of both the natural ingredients, the poppy seed heads and the feathers. It works well hung in a window, or internal door, above the fireplace, or on a wall. The dried seed heads will not do well outside, but if it’s stored carefully and kept dry, this wreath should look just as good as this, next year too. Simply select your preferred delivery date from the above options.

Buxus Star

Buxus Star £29.99
On a robust metal base, this star is made from sprigs of clipped Buxus (Box) bound in bunches to form a strong but textured decoration. The light catches the tiny box leaves in a beautiful way, and this star is most effective when hung, or propped somewhere that makes the most of that quality. The fresh foliage will be best preserved in a cool environment – but will last well in a heated room if it is misted with water spray daily. It dries rather beautifully, eventually to a parchment colour which is stable for years to come if stored carefully. Simply select your preferred delivery date from the above options.

Buxus & Fir Star

Buxus & Fir Star £29.99
Natural sprigs of Buxus (Box) have been sprayed gold with plant spray which not only makes them catch the light beautifully but also preserves them, so this natural decoration should see you right through the festive season. A sturdy metal base has been wrapped with conifer foliage, and the star accentuated by the the lines of Box. This is lovely hanging or propped on a mantle piece, where it works really well with a couple of the Buxus Chain Garlands sweeping out at either side; or in a window, or on a wall or door. Simply select your preferred delivery date from the above options.