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Price reductions at GreenFingers

by John - October 4th, 2015.
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GreenFingers reduced the price on hundreds of lines today

Midge/Mosquito Head Net

Midge/Mosquito Head Net was £0.99 now £0.29
Protect yourself from those annoying midges or mosquitoes with this Head Net that is designed to keep flying insects away from your face and head. It will fit over most head gear but for the best fit a wide all-round brim hat is recommended. Manufactured from fine mesh it allows for great visibility and comfort and is a must-have when going hiking in the great outdoors. Lightweight and easily packedDimensions: L45 x W33cm

Garden Scoop

Garden Scoop was £0.99 now £0.49
This multi-function scoop is an extremely useful piece of kit to have in the garden. Suitable for a variety of tasks it is ideal for scooping compost into pots troughs and hanging baskets with the wide deep shape ensuring minimum spillage. It is also the perfect tool for transplanting seedlings with the curved shape and smooth edges minimising damage to roots. Manufactured from durable plastic it is easy to clean will not rust or rot and with care it will last a lifetime. Outstanding value for money. Dimensions: L32 x W9.5 x D7cm

Johnsons Little Gardeners Flowers - Pretty Calendulas

Johnsons Little Gardeners Flowers – Pretty Calendulas was £1.35 now £0.67
Johnsons Little Gardener seeds are designed specifically for kids from 3-11 years old and these Pretty Calendulas are really fun flowers that have edible petals! These seeds provide your children with a fun and educational project that is guaranteed to keep them busy and learning about Mother Nature all year round. These are easy to grow Calendula Art Shades that come with a free label and instructions on the back of the packet along with fun facts and activities printed on the inside! When the flowers are grown why not add the petals to a jelly – they look great and you can eat them too! Parental supervision recommendedSow: Mar-Jun or Aug-OctQuantity: approx. 80 seeds

Slow Release Plant Food Clusters

Slow Release Plant Food Clusters was £1.49 now £0.74
One of the problems facing gardeners is how to best feed and care for their pots and hanging baskets. With these Slow Release Plant Food Clusters you no longer have to worry about that.These plant food clusters are ideal for all plants grown in containers hanging baskets and pots and will provide a constant flow of feed around the plant root system.Each cluster contains 5g of a balanced mixture of essential nutrients including nitrogen phosphorous potassium and magnesium. They will provide enough feed for up to 60 days giving your plants what they need to produce healthy strong growth and blooms.Contents: 25×5 clustersFeeds for up to 60 daysHealthier plants

Vitax Organic Rooting Powder - 50g

Vitax Organic Rooting Powder – 50g was £1.49 now £0.92
The Vitax Orangic Rooting Powder is a good fertiliser for cuttings of edible and ornamental plants. Helping to stimulate efficient root development and suitable for soft medium and hardwood cuttings Vitax are well-known for their range of useful garden solutions and the Rooting Powder is a great all round fertiliser for your garden.

Briers Vinyl Gloves Pack of 10

Briers Vinyl Gloves Pack of 10 was £1.69 now £0.99
Not all jobs in the garden are heavy duty. Some require some dexterity in your hands and that is where the Briars Vinyl Gloves come in. Being made of Vinyl these gloves are stretchy and will fit the contours of your hand. This gives you a good degree of dexterity for those finer jobs in the garden. Not only are these suited to the fiddly tasks but are also ideal for quickly popping on when you are doing a messy job and you want to keep your hands clean.From tying up plants to cleaning out bins to filling the mower with petrol these are ideal for those jobs requiring dexterity where you don’t want to get your hands dirty.10 packOne sizeEasy fitMulti-colouredHigh sensitivity

Non-slip Men's Gardening Gloves - Medium

Non-slip Men’s Gardening Gloves – Medium was £1.49 now £0.99
These are great non-slip Men

Pea and Bean Net 4m x 2m

Pea and Bean Net 4m x 2m was £2.99 now £1.11
This Pea and Bean Net has been specially designed to encourage healthy growth of sweet peas and runner beans. Made from green extruded plastic the square mesh-based net is ideal for draping over frames and is both durable and flexible. Measures approximately 4m x 2m 15.3cm mesh

Johnsons Little Gardeners Starter Pot - Cheeky Violas

Johnsons Little Gardeners Starter Pot – Cheeky Violas was £1.49 now £1.11
A great idea for kids to get them gardening! This Little Gardeners Starter Pot is a great starter kit that contains Cheeky Viola seeds a plastic inner pot and compost as well as fun activities! Designed specifically for kids from 3-11 years old these seeds provide your children with a fun and educational project that is guaranteed to keep them busy and learning about Mother Nature all year round. Your child can grow the seeds indoors to start with and then plant them out into patio containers or their own area in your garden to grow pretty little violas with cheeky faces that provide lots of colour when little else is flowering!Parental supervision recommendedQuantity: 1 pot

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