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New products at Crocus

by Sarah - November 21st, 2015.
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Over a hundred new items at Crocus

Tuscan water butt - 270 litres

Tuscan water butt – 270 litres £279.99
Water Butts no longer need to be hidden down a path or behind a trellis. Make a feature of your Water Butt with the attractive Tuscan Butt. Moulded from polyethlene, this tank is as durable as it is eye-catching. Finished to an exceptional standard this water butt enables you to bring a little piece of the Mediterranean into your garden. The Tuscan Water Butt has a child-resistant, removable lid comes packaged with a complete tap set. Either plunge a watering can or use the tap. Features: Height: 1000mm 780mm diameter across the top, 545mm diameter across the bottom. Weight: 15kg Material: PE – Polyethylene 1 x 3/4″ tap connector (tap supplied). 1 x Hole Cutting Tool Supplied. Remote down-pipe connection. Recommended Connection to down pipes is via the rain water filter shown below

Heavy duty fruit cage  - 4m x 4m

Heavy duty fruit cage – 4m x 4m £259.99
There is a clue in the name! Because of their size, these self-assembly fruit cages are more likely to remain as a permanent rather than temporary feature in the kitchen garden. The supports are made from 25mm square aluminium tubing which is light but very strong, which means that if you do need to move it, it is relatively easy with the help of one or more people. The cage has a 20mm mesh netting which is very robust and pigeon proof! It is uv stable however in very strong, prolonged, sunshine it may fade to a slightly lighter green. Please note the wooden planks are not included (neither is the lady and the spade.) Dimensions – Available in 3 sizes 2 meters high x 2 meters wide x 2 meters long 2 meters high x 2 meters wide x 4 meters long 2 meters high x 4 meters wide x 4 meters long

Lutyens bench - natural

Lutyens bench – natural £249.99
This iconic bench with rolled arms, was originally designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens and is a classic piece of garden furniture. It is made using FSC Eucalyptus, which is grown in Malaysia using methods that maintain the biological diversity, and create as low impact on the forest as possible. It is a tough hardwood, that has a high density, which makes it extremely durable and heavy. This item is supplied partly assembled, It is relatively easy to build with bolts and all the tools you need to put it together. Please note the cushion is not included. Measurements: Seat length: 127cm Seat to floor: 39cm Bench length: 147.5cm Height: 100cm Seat width: 60cm With all outdoor furniture the ideal scenario is to cover the items up with a water proof cover or sheet if you are going to leave it outdoors over the winter months.

Space saving potting bench with storage - eau de nil

Space saving potting bench with storage – eau de nil £199.99
With a winning combination of style and function, this compact potting bench is particularly useful where space is at a premium. It has a good-sized working area, with three shelves (two upper and one lower) that can be used to keep your pots, plants or compost. All those smaller, fiddly bits and pieces can be kept in the storage area beneath the work surface, while the wooden pegs on one side and rail on the other, can be used to hang things like hand tools and towels. It is made from a hardwood FSC Acacia so is robust enough to cope with being knocked about a bit, and in our opinion will only look better with age as the paint becomes distressed. This item is supplied partly assembled, It is relatively easy to build with bolts and all the tools you need to put it together. Measurements: Distance from floor to draw: 90cm Width: 65cm Distance from draw to to 1st shelf: 30 cm Distance from middle shelf to top shelf: 35cm Total Height: 160cm Depth: 52cm With ALL outdoor furniture the ideal scenario is to cover the items up with a water proof cover or sheet if you are going to leave it outdoors over the winter months.

Large party fire pit / barbecue

Large party fire pit / barbecue £179.99
The new range of Urban Firepits include a stainless steel protective bar, hinged cooking grill and spark guard. The Firepits combine warmth with light; they are functional great fun and very attractive and can be powered by either charcoal or wood. Size – 880dia x 400 (mm) Weight – 16kg

Hotspot square brazier fire pit

Hotspot square brazier fire pit £169.99
You’ll enjoy real fire warmth when entertaining outside with this dual-purpose, durable, square steel brazier with chromed legs. Ideal for burning logs, it comes complete with: Spark Guard ( 1 ) Grill ( 2 ) Fire Bowl ( 1 ) Legs ( 4 ) Hook ( 1 ) Screws ( 8 ) Size: 66 x 66cm wide.

Fluted plant support

Fluted plant support £129.99
These classic shaped plant supports are good for more upright perennials and shrubs with arching stems in your borders such as Paeonies, Delphiniums, Hydrangeas and Spiraea. Produced from coated steel rods. Measurements: Small: Height 41cm, Diameter 52cm Medium: Height 57cm, Diameter 71cm Large: Height 77cm, Diameter 89cm All sizes sold seperately.

Outdoor star light

Outdoor star light £119.99
Weatherproof and light, this unique 3-dimensional design gives the effect of an abstract explosion of light. It’s made of upt to 200 LED lights and will lend a contemporary and eye-catching feel to your festive decorations. The black star light is designed to be hung in trees but can also be simply suspended from any structure and the white star either inside or out, looks like a giant snowflake. It come with an intergrated transformer fitted with 13amp plug (which must be inside or covered with a waterproof cover) and 5m cable. Simple to assemble and install Lightweight and easy fixing Can be used inside or outside Minimal power usage Foldaway design for storage (carton 59cm x 21cm x 14cm) Full instructions supplied Dimensions: 530mm diameter Weight: 1.5kg Here are a few pointers regarding your order. It cannot be left without a signature, so you will need to sign for delivery.

Harcostar magnum barrel water butt

Harcostar magnum barrel water butt £119.99
Collect and store 350 litres (75 gallons) of rain water in this large water butt. It comes complete with tap and a child safety lid. The barrel measures 1200mm high by 780mm diameter at the top the diameter at the base is 610mm. At the top of the water butt, about 50mm (2in) at the back, there is a hole which is used for attaching accessories, such as the rain trap, to the butt. There is no stand available for this particular model, but it does have two tap holes, one at the base and one 400mm above. However it can be placed on a platform to make filling watering cans much easier. All holes come with plugs so will not leak if not is use. This water butt comes with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty. Please note the image shows water butt with a rain trap however it is available seperately. Other available accessories are listed below: Overflow kit Linking kit For Harcostar water butts Longer Length of Connector Hose Fast flow tap Hose fit replacement tap