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New products at Waltons

by John - November 25th, 2015.
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Waltons just added this new product

Waltons Space Shed

Waltons Space Shed £999999.00
This fully armed and operational battle stat… *ahem* potting shed, features twin walled 12mm tongue and groove cladding and has a maximum atmospheric speed of 1050km/h. The shed offers skylight views of the galaxy with two opening roof windows and also features a modified class 2 hyperdrive to ensure your geraniums are always in the best light. Fitted with a laser cannon turret, this Space Shed helps to defend against slugs and also has removable shelving stations so you can smuggle as much loot as you can carry. With a building like this, you’re going to want defenses. This shed is equipped with a large scale deflector shield generator to prevent damage and comes with a 10 year anti-rot guarantee. We advise a 2 person crew however this shed does have a passenger capacity of up to 15 if you like your spaces on the cosy side. Painted in an attractive gunmetal grey and charcoal black, we can guarantee it won’t resist laser fire but does look exceptionally cool. Not into potting sheds? We can modify this craft to suit your needs! The twin walled design allows for electrical ports and lights to easily be fitted and stop it falling to the dark side. Our Space Shed offers the perfect retreat for kids to play in and could even be the perfect place for gaming. This is the shed you’re looking for! Please Note: Waltons is not responsible for any loss of pressure caused by opening the roof windows. Atmospheric speed is just an estimate and does require liquid metal fuel cells (not supplied). Average speed without fuel cells is still a blistering 0km/h!