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New products at Garden Bird

by Sarah - December 9th, 2015.
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Over a hundred new items at Garden Bird

6 Premium Suet Balls

6 Premium Suet Balls £1.4900
New to Garden Bird Supplies! Our NEW Premium Suet Balls each contain over 90g of high grade beef suet, wheat, peanuts and added dried mealworms too! We guarantee your garden visitors will love this new recipe! Your Premium Suet Balls will come packaged as follows: 6 Premium Suet Balls – on a plastic tray 40 Premium Suet Balls – in a plastic tub 50 Premium Suet Balls – in a cardboard box with plastic liner 100 Premium Premium Suet Balls – in 2x cardboard boxes with plastic liner

550g Pouch Mealworm Treat Pellets

550g Pouch Mealworm Treat Pellets £1.9900
Suitable for year round feeding, these suet pellets have been blended with dried mealworms to create a delicious, high energy treat for your garden birds. Why not try feeding them from a nut feeder…

500g Suet Pellets and Mealworms

500g Suet Pellets and Mealworms £1.9900
This new mix combines some of the best high energy, protein rich ingredients available into one "superfood" for birds. Insect Treat pellets, dried mealworms and wild berry flavour (blueberry and redcurrant) make this the ultimate softbill mix. Feed from a table or on the ground.

Dog Candy Canes

Dog Candy Canes £1.9900
Make sure your dog doesn’t miss out on any festive fun with these special Christmas candy canes made just for your beloved furry friends. Pack of 2 Green & Red coloured chews made with rawhide & protein

Peckaballs Berry

Peckaballs Berry £1.9900
Peckaballs are smaller in size than suet balls, and can be fed from a standard suet ball feeder, a specialised Peckaball feeder or bird table. These high energy treats have a special high fat formula and can be used all year around and are perfect for all birds, but particularly smaller birds. The added berries give extra Vitamin C. The 1Kg bag contains approximately 45 Peckaballs. Ingredients: – Rendered Beef Fat, Wheat Flour, Peanut, Millet Seed, Linseed, Rapeseed,  Dried Mealworms Additives: Colour (Yellow)

2kg Kibbled Maize

2kg Kibbled Maize £2.3900
Kibbled maize is cracked maize in granulated form. High in carbohydrate and oil, its small size makes it easily digestible and therefore ideal for smaller species. A good all round ingredient for food mixes, it is enjoyed by numerous different types of garden visitor.

Turkey & Cranberry Flavoured Dog Biscuits

Turkey & Cranberry Flavoured Dog Biscuits £2.9900
These Turkey & Cranberry Bones Dog Biscuits are a delicious Christmas treat your dog will love. Made especially for your special furry friends With real turkey and tasty cranberries all packed into a hand-baked biscuit, you dog is sure to go crackers over these Weight: 240g

GBS Exclusive Seed Catcher Tray - Plastic

GBS Exclusive Seed Catcher Tray – Plastic £2.9900
Garden birds can be messy eaters, dropping seeds from the feeder which then piles up on your garden below. Prevent this from happening by adding a seed catcher tray to the underneath of your feeder. Simply attach the tray to your feeder with the supplied screw. Available in clear plastic or green metal. Can be used with the feeder pole. Not compatible with the Niger seed and window feeders. Each tray comes complete with a 10 year guarantee, for more information click here. Diameter 180mm

The Wild Life by John Lewis Stempel

The Wild Life by John Lewis Stempel £2.9900
The Wildlife by John Lewis-Stempel is an amazing account of twelve months eating only food caught, shot or foraged from the fields, hedges, copse and brook of a Herefordshire farm. This is an extraordinary celebration of our natural heritage.