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New products at Van Meuwen

by Sarah - January 6th, 2016.
Filed under: Jersey Plants, New Products.

New items added today at Van Meuwen

Magnolia denudata 'White' - 2 bare root magnolia plants

Magnolia denudata ‘White’ – 2 bare root magnolia plants £24.98
A true signal that spring had arrived is the magnificent blooming of a magnolia tree! The goblet shaped flowers of Magnolia denudata ‘White’ appear on bare branches before the foliage takes over and completely covers this hardy plant with long, dark green leaves. Capable of growing into a large specimen, this magnificent tree can be used on its own or included in a shrubbery or even woodlands. Height: 6m (20’). Spread: 6m (20’).

Nepeta 'Purrsian Blue' - 10 nepeta plug plants

Nepeta ‘Purrsian Blue’ – 10 nepeta plug plants £24.98
A dense mound of delicate light blue flowers covering silver-green foliage throughout summer make Nepeta ‘Purrsian Blue’ an ideal plant to create interest and provide a lighter counterpoint to some of the brighter colours of normal bedding plants. Catmint grows well in full sun and will tolerate drier conditions so is also "purrfect" for a low maintenance area where it can be left to flower and grow all year. Height: 40cm (16"). Spread: 45cm (18").

Foxtail Lily Collection - 9 bare root foxtail liy plants - 3 of each variety

Foxtail Lily Collection – 9 bare root foxtail liy plants – 3 of each variety £19.97
One of the stateliest hardy perennials adding a dramatic touch to your garden borders! In early summer these striking Eremurus produce tall spires consisting of hundreds of star-shaped blooms. This improved collection of foxtail lilies looks fantastic partnered with lower growing perennials and grasses to hide the short-lived, grey green foliage which dies back as the flowers begin to bloom. This long-lived hardy perennial also makes a sensational cut flower! Bare root plants supplied. Collection comprises 3 plants each of:Eremurus stenophyllus ‘Sunbeam’ - Impressive stems tower with stately grandeur in spires of golden yellow starry flowers. Height: 120cm (47"). Spread: 60cm (24")Eremurus robustus ‘Foxtrot’ - The giant of our foxtail lilies, growing to 3 metres high! Elegant spires of pale pink flowers appear in mid-summer. Height: 300cm (118"). Spread: 120cm (47")Eremurus x isabellinus ‘Pinocchio’ - Dark orange, star shaped flowers erupt from the tall stems of this imposing herbaceous perennial. Height: 150cm (59"). Spread: 90cm (35").