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New products at Dobies

by Sarah - January 7th, 2016.
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New items at Dobies

Coreopsis Plant - Ruby Frost

Coreopsis Plant – Ruby Frost £7.99
Robust, hardy border plants that will bloom prolifically for months, lighting up borders and containers with a display that will lift the spirits! Flowers June-October Supplied in a 9cm pot. Ruby Frost – A colour breakthrough! Large deep ruby flowers with a frosty white collar. Height 90cm (36); spread (30cm 12). Back of border variety.

Onion Sets - Red Champion

Onion Sets – Red Champion £3.99
By far the best onion for over-wintering use. With good skins and thin necks, Red Champion is perfect for over-winter storage keeping, well until your new crop is ready. These show quality onions make an attractive addition to a salad, they are also perfect for roasting. Give it a try!

Clematis Plants - Mixed x 6

Clematis Plants – Mixed x 6 £77.94
Pretty bushy patio clematis plants. Compact, bushy plants producing copious flowers right down to the ground. Repeat blooming from May to October. Trim stems back to 30cm high each spring. Supplied in 1 litre pots.

Geranium Cabaret Red Plants - GA0315

Geranium Cabaret Red Plants – GA0315 £7.99
A classic geranium with a branching habit, attractively zoned foliage and a profusion of large, scarlet flowers. The most popular individual colour in the mix of Cabaret. Height 35cm (14); spacing 30cm (12).

Nerine bowdenii Potted Bulb

Nerine bowdenii Potted Bulb £7.99
Heads of up to 10 vibrant, dark pink, lily-like flowers with waxy petals. Height 50-60cm. Supplied in a 9cm pot.Grown in pots or as a thick row in a border, Nerine bowdenii is one of the best additions to an autumn garden. The blooms are long-lasting and the bulbs can keep on multiplying and flowering reliably from late September to November each year for over 20 years! Create a burst of bright colour up to Christmas by partnering with colchicums and cyclamen!

Apple Tree - Redlove

Apple Tree – Redlove £5.00
Deliciously tasty, rosy-red, patterned flesh. Excellent resistance to scab. Long-lasting deep pink blossom. Delicious eaten raw, cooked or juiced. Will store until Christmas. – Uniquely coloured – Rosy-red flesh with a beautiful pattern running through it-Deliciously tasty – Crisp and juicy with a tingly summer freshness- Even better for you – Higher in antioxidants than other apples- Disease resistant – Exceptionally high resistance to scab- Attractive in the garden – Unusual, long-lasting, deep pink spring blossom- Versatile in the kitchen – Delicious eaten raw but also ideal for cooking (it retains its red colour).Harvest mid autumn (late September to early October).LUBERA RANGE – We have been working closely with Lubera a Swiss nursery owned by Markus Kobelt. He is passionate about fruit, and he has continually strived to create new and improved varieties that are easier to cultivate (all will thrive in the UK climate), more resistant to disease and always better-tasting too.RedloveR is a protected trademark belonging to Lubera AG, Switzerland. All Redlove varieties that we offer are protected and buyers of these plants are allowed to grow these trees for their private use. Buyers are not allowed to use these trees for commercial purposes i.e. to grow for the fruit market or to multiply these trees or to sell fruit of the Redlove varieties under the Redlove trademark nor under another name.

test product

test product £3.99
RK Suttons Test Product Description


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