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Onion seeds from Suttons

by Diane - January 11th, 2016.
Filed under: allotment, Suttons Seeds.

Start off in modules and then plant out.
Very fun to grow from seed rather than always growing from sets. I got good results last year from seed.

Onion Seeds – Ailsa Craig
Large bulbs often used for exhibition. To ensure colour, shape and finish sow in January under glass at 18-21C (65-70F). Can also be sown outdoors in March and April. Not recommended for long storage. Bulb onion variety.

Onion Seeds – Bedfordshire Champion
Globe-shaped maincrop for spring sowing. A solid onion which keeps well. Bulb onion variety.

Onion Seeds – Exhibition
Aptly named, this is the best onion for showing for many a while! Whether you are a serious exhibitor or just someone who wants to take a crack at the village show, its worth giving this one a try. Weights can get up to 1000gms, yet the flavour is still maintained and unusually for a large onion, it also stores well.Onions up to 1kg (2.2lbs) and aboveFor shows or culinary useStores well for a large onion

Onion Seeds – F1 Bridger
A Japanese type over wintering hybrid. Has excellent bolting resistance. Flattened globe shape and thick smooth skin.

Onion Seeds – F1 Kamal
A first-class, deliciously flavoured onion with a good strong red colour, both inside and out. The bulbs are a very uniform round to globe shape, with thin necks, show good tolerance to mildew, and store well.

Onion Seeds – F1 Santero
A superb early maincrop onion with excellent resistance to Downy Mildew. Produces a heavy crop of delicious copper-brown, round-oval bulbs. Shows good resistance to bolting and stores well too.

Onion Seeds – Globo
A very large onion which is ideal for exhibition or the kitchen! The oval-shaped, straw-coloured roots are tasty in salads or cooked, with an average weight of 250-300g (up to 1kg when grown for exhibition).

Onion Seeds – Kelsae
First introduced in the early 1950s Kelsea is still one of the most popular exhibition onions. This attractive onion regularly achieves record weights and, unusually for show onions, has an exceptional flavour.

Onion Seeds – Paris Silverskin
Paris Silverskin is a tasty onion that’s excellent for salads or pickling. Easy to grow, there’s no thinning required.

Onion Seeds – Red & White
Contains Redmate & Agostana in equal quantities. Harvest August-September.Bright red and pure white fine flavoured bulbsSuperb quality, crisp, tasty fleshGood storage abilityFor use in salds and for cooking25p from the sale of each promotional pack goes to Cancer Research UK.

Onion Seeds – Senshyu Semi-Globe Yellow
Good crop of round, straw-coloured bulbs by early July. Recommended by the National Institute of Agricultural Botany. Japanese bulb onion variety.