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New products at Dobies

by Sarah - January 12th, 2016.
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New products at Dobies

Fatsia Plant - Japonica

Fatsia Plant – Japonica £9.99
Large, glossy deep green leaves adorn this wonderful tropical looking plant throughout the year. Dense clusters of small white flowers are produced in autumn followed by small black fruits. A wonderful specimen plant that will provide architectural interest for a shady area. Flowers September-October. Potted plant supplied is approximately 30cm without pot. (Please note: Pot in image is not included.)

Erica Plant - Alberts Gold

Erica Plant – Alberts Gold £9.99
A wonderful evergreen shrub with soft golden yellow foliage that will provide year round interest. As an added bonus in spring, erica Alberts Gold will occasionally produce small scented white flowers. Perfect for growing in pots or in a sheltered spot amongst spring bedding plants.

Rhododendron Plant - Hachmanns Marlis

Rhododendron Plant – Hachmanns Marlis £9.99
A compact, neat growing evergreen shrub, perfect for a container on the patio or balcony. The bright red beds open in late spring to reveal rose pink flowers with a paler star-shaped centre. Flowers May. Height 80-120cm. Potted plant supplied 20-30cm, not including pot.

Prunus Plant - Kojo-No Mai

Prunus Plant – Kojo-No Mai £12.99
Also known as Fuji Cherry, this delicate looking deciduous shrub puts on a great display in late winter and early spring. Dark crimson buds open to reveal masses of pale pink tubular flowers. Easy to grow and maintain. Flowers March-April. Height 2.5m. (Please note: Plant container not included.).

Oenothera Plant - Lemon Sunset

Oenothera Plant – Lemon Sunset £9.99
Better known as an evening primrose, these wonderful perennial plants produce soft yellow saucer-shaped flowers that fill the evening air with a delicate fragrance, fading to orange-red as they mature. The bushy upright plants are excellent for growing in containers and will repeat from late spring. Removing the faded flowers will encourage the plant to bloom for longer. Flowers June-September. Height 35-45cm (14-18).

Rhododendron Plant - Yak Sneezy

Rhododendron Plant – Yak Sneezy £9.99
One of the 7 dwarf series of yakushimanum hybrids. An easy to grow vigorous upright variety producing pretty pink flowers that are paler in the centre from late spring. Compact in habit and great for growing in containers. Flowers May. Height 80-100cm. Potted plant supplied 20-30cm not including pot. (Please note: plant container not included.)

Hibiscus Plant - White Chiffon

Hibiscus Plant – White Chiffon £15.00
A late summer bloomer that is definitely worth the wait! Large white flowers have a beautiful lacy centre are produced from August and into autumn. Growing up to 2.5m with flowers up to 12cm across, this will certainly make an impact at the back of a border. Flowers August-October. Supplied in a 3 litre pot. Supplied in a 3 litre pot. Potted plant supplied is 60-90cm not including pot.

Nandina Plant - Gulf Stream

Nandina Plant – Gulf Stream £9.99
A hardy dwarf evergreen shrub with a compact habit that will provide year round interest. The foliage ranges in colour from orange-red new growth to green-blue of the older leaves. Great in containers or a mixed border. Grows to a height of 1m.

Rhododendron Plant - Yak Titan Beauty

Rhododendron Plant – Yak Titan Beauty £9.99
A compact evergreen shrub producing stunning deep red bell shaped flowers in late spring and early summer. Flowers May-June. Height 80-100cm. Potted plant supplied 25-45cm, not including pot.