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Price reductions at GreenFingers

by John - January 14th, 2016.
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Reduced price on products today at GreenFingers

Chapelwood Coconut Half Filled with Suet and Mealworms

Chapelwood Coconut Half Filled with Suet and Mealworms was £2.49 now £1.99
Hanging Coconuts and their contents are always a firm favourite with wild birds. This Half Coconutcontains suet and mealworms that are a great source of energy and protein ideal for young birds. When the wild birds have finished this special treat simply refill the empty coconut shell with another variety of food. The shell easily hangs from a higher platform to make sure that you keep it away from predators.

Paint Your Own Wooden Bird House Kit

Paint Your Own Wooden Bird House Kit was £2.99 now £2.49
Great fun for your kids! This Paint Your Own Wooden Bird House Kit comes with 4 colour paint pots and a paint brush. It is a brilliant creative way to introduce your children to caring for wild birds and they will be proud to see their artistic prowess displayed in your garden for all to see. This ready assembled apex bird house is made from pine wood and will provide a safe place for wild birds to nest and give them somewhere snug and cosy to stay over the winter months. Try to place it in a quiet and undisturbed part of your garden.Putting up an artificial birdhouse will help future generations of birds and give you much pleasure derived from observing them. Birds are a very valuable source of natural pest control as they will eat a wide variety of insects. Paint colours: red green yellow and blueDimensions: W9.5 x D9 x H13cmHole diameter: approx. 25mm – suitable for for blue tits coal tits and marsh titsPlease increase the size of hole if you wish to attract larger birds:28mm for great tits tree sparrows and pied flycatchers32mm for house sparrows and nuthatches45mm for starlingsWhy not check out our Activities for Kids for more great ideas? Please click here to view the Department.

Colour Cup Bird Feeder

Colour Cup Bird Feeder was £4.99 now £3.99
This Colour Cup Bird Feeder is perfect for dotting between your plants or positioning close to window. This sturdy feeder certainly adds a splash of colour to your garden and is suitable for a variety of bird foods such as seed mealworms nibbles and suet sprinkles. Manufactured from powder-coated steel this feeder comes complete with drainage holes and a demountable stem. The three sections of the feeder simply screw together to make this elegantly curved stem. Cup Dimensions: 7 x 7 x 6cm high Stem Height: 69cm Instructions included This colour cup bird feeder is available in fiery red and opal orange please choose below

Chapelwood Suet Balls Tub Of 50

Chapelwood Suet Balls Tub Of 50 was £6.99 now £5.99
These high energy suet balls are perfect for all year round feeding for a wide variety of garden visiting birds

Gardman FSC Redwood Hanging Bird Table

Gardman FSC Redwood Hanging Bird Table was £9.99 now £8.99
A superb addition to your outdoors the Gardman FSC Redwood Hanging Bird Table is perfect for enticing wild birds to feed in your garden. Handmade in the UK from FSC Redwood this is a durable bird table that is quick and easy to hang from any location you choose such as a tree or feeding station. It also features tray cut-out edges for water drainage and easy cleaning. It is a wonderful way to encourage wild birds to feed and will afford you great pleasure to watch all the antics. Birds are only interested in a good supply of food in a safe place and this hanging bird table is perfect for their needs. Suitable for seed or nut feeding this table will last you for years to come. It is also ideal if you are limited for space.With disappearing habitats and climatic changes the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) and the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) both recommend the year-round feeding of garden birds to maintain a healthy and viable flock of native species. Feeding requirements are greater in late autumn and winter when natural resources are in shorter supply and high energy levels are also needed during spring when birds are busy breeding and raising young. Once you have established a feeding regime – don

Gardman No Mess Wild Bird Seed Mix 12.75kg

Gardman No Mess Wild Bird Seed Mix 12.75kg was £10.99 now £9.99
This No Mess Wild Bird Seed Mix contains a rich mixture of quality ingredients perfect for attracting a range of beautiful birds to your garden. No husks and no grow blend filled with seeds such as sunflower kernels peanut bites oats and crushed wheat. Suitable for use in seed feeders on bird tables and ground. Recommended for: Blackbirds Blue Tits Bullfinches Chaffinches Coal Tits Dunnocks Goldfinches Great Tits Greenfinches House Sparrows Long Tailed Tits Nuthatch Robins Siskins Song Thrushes and Wrens

Echoes Bird Bath Stand

Echoes Bird Bath Stand was £14.99 now £12.99
This elegant curved stand has been designed to complement the bird bath bowl perfectly(available to purchase separately- see link below.)and together they will make a stunning feature in your garden or patioMade from Hi-fired frost resistant ceramicStand only -H 30cm x 14.5cmPlease note: The image is for the stand only

Chavenage FSC Bat Box

Chavenage FSC Bat Box was £15.99 now £14.99
Bats need new habitats as many of their locations have been lost over recent years so why not do your bit to help this natural and attractive bat box will fit into any garden woodland or house wall location. It is made from solid high quality and durable FSC timber which provides longevity and excellent insulation. The narrow entrance slot and strong timber help to keep away predators and a swing panel at the base allows for easy cleaning if required. The ideal location for this bat box is about 2.5

Hogitat Hedgehog House

Hogitat Hedgehog House was £18.99 now £16.99
Help stop hedgehog numbers declining and provide a safe haven by placing this Hedgehog House in your garden. Thanks to a hedgehog taking up home in your garden not only will he or she thank you for it come hibernation but you will reap the rewards for the rest of the year.Hedgehogs are a wonderful addition to your garden and are a natural form of pest control. A single hedgehog will eat up to 200g of insects each night helping to keep your garden free from slugs snails and insects without the use of pesticides. This Hogitat Hedgehog Home is designed to be an attractive natural home and safe retreat for hedgehogs. It features a sturdy rustproof steel frame a waterproofed roof with an attractive natural finish and a predator defence tunnel. Specifically designed to blend into the garden setting the Hogitat is a safe retreat for hedgehogs or small mammals. 43 x 50 x 25cm high Useful Tips:1. Position the house in a quiet part of your garden preferably against a bank wall or fence. If possible add some cover such as leaves and short grass around the house. 2. Place a few handsful of short dry grass and leaves inside the box to start a nest. 3. Make sure the entrance to the house does not face North or North East therefore avoiding cold winter winds. 4. If you have a female hedgehog visitor be aware she may have her young in it in the spring. 5. After winter use late March

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