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Price reductions at GreenFingers

by John - January 18th, 2016.
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GreenFingers reduced the price on these products today

Roundup Weedkiller Gel

Roundup Weedkiller Gel was £6.99 now £6.74
Now you can precisely target all of those weeds in awkward places with Roundup Weedkiller Gel. It is perfect for flower beds vegetable plots paths and flower pots. There is no contact with soil or other plants as the Roundup gel sticks to the leaf and is then absorbed into the leaf and then into the sap stream of the weed. From there it simply travels to the roots and growing points and prevents the weed from growing until it gradually dies. Just a single hand operation with one finger loading is all it takes and the gel stays where you apply it

Camelot Giant Parasol Cover 190 x 22cm

Camelot Giant Parasol Cover 190 x 22cm was £12.99 now £10.49
Keep your large garden parasol in pristine condition year after year with this fantastic value cover. This cover is constructed from a high performance fabric that is strong durable and features the trusted

J Arthur Bowers Perlite - 25L

J Arthur Bowers Perlite – 25L was £14.99 now £11.24
J. Arthur Bowers Perlite is very good for rooting cuttings seed raising potting composts soil conditioning and turf dressing due to its ability to absorb and hold vast amounts of air and moisture which improves aeration and drainage. Perlite speeds up rooting reduces risk of damping off provides an optimum balance of air and water and makes water logging almost impossible. It also minimises damage to roots and check to growth during transplanting. For seed raising it encourages quicker germination improved seedling growth and less check when pricking-out or potting on. In potting composts it improves aeration draining and insulation and also facilitates re-wetting. Perlite can also be used to open up ready-mixed loam or peat-based composts. It also improves the texture of heavy silt or clay soils by increasing aeration and drainage and minimises the tendency to ‘cap’ over germinating seeds and lasts for many years. Finally Perlite improves aeration and drainage in compacted and poorly drained areas on old turf and also helps the establishment of new turf. It greatly assists the air-moisture balance and ensures better root development and turf growth. Greens will show improved resilience and greater tolerance in use under extreme weather conditions – wet or dry. Capacity: 25 Litres To visit our Garden Department please click here

Christmas Mini Tree Berries & Pinecones - 75cm

Christmas Mini Tree Berries & Pinecones – 75cm was £24.99 now £12.49
Add character and colour to a cosy corner with this Christmas Mini Tree with Berries & Pine Cones. Sure to grab attention it is wonderful as it is but there is plenty of room to add lights baubles and other decorations if you wish. It is a superb artificial tree that is easy to install low maintenance and best of all free from messy pine needles everywhere. The unusual Jute bag base adds to it realistic appearance but the real beauty of this tree is that is can be used time and time again. 65 Tips. Height: 75cmPlease click here for Christmas D

Greenfingers Ornate Wall Planter Set of 3

Greenfingers Ornate Wall Planter Set of 3 was £22.49 now £14.99
Attractive flower and leaf scroll detailing make these Greenfingers Ornate Wall Planters really stand out to make a dramatic focal point. Theses gorgeously designed planters can be placed strategically around your home or garden making a fabulous visual statement. Ordinary houseplants become something special when they are dressed up in these planters so get creative when adding plants and flowers. The characteristic feature of these Ornate Wall Planters is the beautifully detailed design that that has been uniquely crafted from powder-coated wrought iron which is extremely durable. Better still you have three sizes to fit into various places or put them together as a full set to showcase your favourite plants.Dimensions:Large: W42 x D18.5 x H60cmMedium: W36 x D16 x H51cmSmall: W30 x D13.5 x H43cmFor some great plant ideas please click here to view Plants Available Now.

Navigate HotHouse Floral 4 Person Picnic Backpack with Bottle Holder

Navigate HotHouse Floral 4 Person Picnic Backpack with Bottle Holder was £54.99 now £29.99
Head off the beaten track for your next picnic with the Navigate HotHouse Floral 4 Person Picnic Backpack with Bottle Holder. Packing all your essentials for the perfect picnic this backpack set allows you to go and find that spontaneous and romantic spot far from the maddening crowd.Features:4 x Plastic goblets4 x Cotton napkins4 x Plastic plates12 piece cutlery set1 x Bottle opener1 x Cheeseboard with cheese knifeSalt and pepper setInsulated bottle holderIdeal for ramblers hikers or anybody who enjoys a little walk to build up the appetite this backpack picnic set features all you

Bermuda Dawlish Pebble Watercourse

Bermuda Dawlish Pebble Watercourse was £64.99 now £32.49
Enhance your pond with this fabulous Bermuda Dawlish Pebble Watercourse! It has been wonderfully detailed from hard-wearing polyresin to make a beautiful and realistic addition to your pond or outdoor water feature.It comes with an integral hose-tail and will add an authentic appearance to your pond especially when the water tumbles across it. A great outdoor water feature at an equally great price! Dimensions: L76 x W96 x D17cm

Bermuda Mercury Floating Solar Pond Fountain Pump

Bermuda Mercury Floating Solar Pond Fountain Pump was £64.99 now £32.49
This quality Bermuda Mercury Floating Solar Pond Pump has a delightful array of fountain jet effects and integral LED lights which automatically come on at night to create a stunning feature display. It is a practical addition to your pond that will also greatly enhance your outdoors as the sound of gentle running water in your surroundings will evoke a sense of tranquillity.It comes complete with a remote control unit that features an on/off button and a function button to change the pump spray style of which there are four types. The solar panel has a battery mounted on the back so it can store hours of sunlight and work from the battery either on a cloudy day or at night. Once charged the solar battery will operate for up to 3 hours.No operating costsRechargeable 1.2V 1200mAH NI-MH batteries included Battery backup works for 3 hours at nightSpecifications:Solar panel: 1W4 spray types: lower to higher spray interval spray and normal sprayMax. jet height: 50cmWater flow capacity: 210 lphRemote control distance: 10mVoltage: 6V30cm diameter x H9cm

Rio Clay Chiminea - 86cm

Rio Clay Chiminea – 86cm was £59.99 now £44.99
Add a touch of Mexico to your outdoors with this Rio Clay Chiminea which is beautifully traditional and just perfect for creating the captivating beauty of living flames in your garden. It will add great ambience and warmth for your outdoor entertaining to continue long into the night and looks fabulous when lit by charcoal wood coal or even smokeless fuel. Now you can invite your friends and family around for an evening party on your patio and provide a warm and welcoming focal point. Traditionally handcrafted making each chiminea unique it comes with a sturdy steel stand and as this is a handmade clay product it may be subject to natural weathering and to some colour change. The mouth design not only causes a strong draw resulting in a cleaner hotter flame but also helps prevent sparks unlike an open fire. Easy to light and with no assembly necessary this is a great accessory for any garden or patio and one that is robust and will last for years. It is a great quality product well worth the investment for its durability alone.Dimensions: Overall: 41cm diameter x H86cmMouth: W21 x H13.5cmChiminea Height: 72.5cmStand Height: 20cmCaution! Please use this product responsibly – the chiminea will become very hot during use and extreme care should be taken if children or pets are present. Avoid doing the following! The chiminea is made of a special fire clay to enable it to withstand expansion without cracking. However when clay is heated up very quickly (if a large fire is made instantly) or if the fire is allowed to be huge (lots of firewood large flames) or if it is fired in very cold or wet weather – the expansion of the clay will be much higher in one part of the fire bowl than the other which can result the clay no longer being able to bind together the stress of which causes the fire bowl to crack: this is called thermal shock. For more ideas or inspiration please click here to view our Garden Decorations Department..For more ideas or inspiration please click here to view our Garden Decorations Department.

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