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New products at PondKeeper

by John - January 21st, 2016.
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PondKeeper just added this new item

PondXpert Pond Protectors - Buy 1 Get 1 FREE

PondXpert Pond Protectors – Buy 1 Get 1 FREE £24.99
Keep your pond safe from herons!
For years pondkeepers have struggled with the problem of herons and other pond predators stealing fish. This can be incredibly frustrating as pond fish are expensive and we get attached to our fishy friends.
An effective solution is to throw a pond net over the entire pond but the disadvantage of this method is that it spoils the looks of the pond.Fortunattely the PondXpert Pond Protector System has arrived! This is a novel and effective solution to an the age-old problem of herons. The System consists of specially designed floating rings that are designed to be positioned at the edge of your pond. The rings interlock forming a barrier between the pond predators and your precious fish. The joined-up rings form a floating fence that is designed to cover the perimeter of your pond only. This is perfect as your fish are protected but your pond still looks great. Helps keep your pond free from herons but visible for your enjoyment.
Please be Quick – This is a very SPECIAL OFFER – we only have limited quantities and expect these packs to sell out very quickly.