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New products at GreenFingers

by John - January 29th, 2016.
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GreenFingers has these new items today

Westland Lawn & Turf Dressing - 25L

Westland Lawn & Turf Dressing – 25L £6.99
Using Westland Lawn and Turf Dressing when you want to repair and aerate your lawn or you want to provide an underlay to turf that you are laying.This turf dressing has been formulated with increased levels of nutrients to give a thicker healthier lawn. It improves growth whilst also helping improve the drainage which helps your grass while preventing the growth of moss and weeds. Increased nutrient levels. Use for conditioning lawns. Ideal as a turf underlay. Sprinkle this dressing over your grass then brush or rake in for the best results and added drainage. Alternatively you can use this as an underlay for new turf or to repair problem areas of your existing lawn.Contents: 25 litres

Greenfingers Loreto Baharu Swing Bed - Cream - W235 x H178cm

Greenfingers Loreto Baharu Swing Bed – Cream – W235 x H178cm £399.99
The Greenfingers Loreto Baharu Swing Bed is a high quality garden swing that also folds out to become a bed.This swing bed is made from Shorea balau. The wood is certified by the Malaysian Timber Certification Council who aim to promote and encourage sustainable forest management. A Class A hardwood Shorea balau is renowned for excellent resistance and wear making it ideal for garden furniture.The fabric used is polyester making it perfect for the garden as it is very resilient and quick drying. Beautifully designed this swing bed offers you great value and is well worth the investment for its durability alone. With a comfortable cushion included this swing offers ultimate relaxation on those lazy summer days. Take a seat admire your garden close your eyes and just drift away.Dimensions: W235 x D120 x H178cm Seat: W179.5cm x D45cmSeat Back: W179.5cm x H59cmBed: W179.5cm x D104cmLoad Capacity: 350kgCustomer Note: The canopy does not tilt. Caution should be taken during windy or stormy conditions. Please remove the canopy to avoid any damage.

Westland Growbag 33L

Westland Growbag 33L £6.99
Using Westland Growbags will mean you get the maximum growing area out of your garden and will allow you to grow a wide range of tasty vegetables and fruits or gorgeous flowers with the minimum of fuss.This good sized growbag is suitable for use in a conservatory greenhouse or on a patio and comes with 3 sections highlighted to help you space out your tomato or other plants.

John Innes No.2 Compost - 25L

John Innes No.2 Compost – 25L £4.99
J. Arthur Bowers John Innes No 2 Compost is a traditional loam-based compost.This compost has a carefully balanced nutritional mixture of loam limestone and grit sand and has been specially developed as a balanced potting mix to be used on medium plants transferring them into larger containers and re-potting established houseplants and vegetables.The grit sand acts as a physical conditioner to allow excess water to drain from the compost.High nutrient formula. For potting medium sized plants. The high nutritional formula in John Innes Compost provides a wide spectrum of plant nutrients needed for balanced growth. No 2 Compost also enhances moisture retention and improves drainage and helps plants develop strong roots and abundant blooms.Contents: 25 Litres Composition: Peat Loam Sand Fertiliser.Ph: 6 – 7

Westland Bulb Planting Compost - 20L

Westland Bulb Planting Compost – 20L £5.99
This specially formulated Westland Bulb Planting Compost provides the ideal growing media for planting both indoor and outdoor bulbs.This compost contains a perfect balance of plant food and trace elements to meet the needs of bulbs and to ensure they are still flowering next year. Added grit aids free drainage keeping your bulbs dry and disease free. Contains West+ for added performance. Added grit for free drainage. Correct balance of essential nutrients & trace elements. Perfect for indoor & outdoor bulbs.Bulb planting compost is ideal for Hyacinths Tulips Daffodils Iris Lilies and Crocus. Uses: For planting bulbs in display bowls or for conditioning soil before planting in the garden.Feeding: The compost contains enough nutrients to meet plant requirements for the first 3-4 weeks. Thereafter for best results commence feeding with a liquid Plant Food.Nutrient Content & pH: The compost contains a balanced fertiliser complete with trace elements and has a pH of 5.5 to 6.0.Contents: 20 litre

New Horizon Peat-Free Multi-Purpose Compost - 50L

New Horizon Peat-Free Multi-Purpose Compost – 50L £9.99
This New Horizon Peat-Free Multi-Purpose Compost is the perfect medium to use when potting up your hanging baskets and containers.This mixture is a peat-free blend that can be used for a variety of uses around the garden and greenhouse. It is perfect for using when sowing seeds planting cuttings or pricking out.Peat Free. Multi-purpose. Organic. Feeds for up to 6 weeks. Use New Horizon Peat-Free Multi-Purpose Compost for healthy and abundant growth giving you beautiful results over the growing season.Composition: Coir Bark Composted Wood Fertiliser.Ph: 5.5

Wildlife World Coniston Bird Bath

Wildlife World Coniston Bird Bath £25.99
Made from environmentally-friendly material this Wildlife World Coniston Bird Bath makes a stylish addition to your garden that provides a great source of drinking and bathing water for your garden wild birds. It features lovely scrollwork decoration around the edge on a matt background which contrasts beautifully with the glossy surface of the water bowl.The Coniston Bird Bath is manufactured from Clayplas+ that combines recycled plastic with clay in composite form to give a lightweight and durable finish. which mimics an aged stone finish. It is easily assembled with a low push-fit base and extra pebbles (not included) may be put in the water bowl for decoration and to allow small birds to perch to drink.10 year guarantee. The location of your garden and the type of vegetation immediately around it will determine what birds will visit your bird bath and in what numbers. Siting of the bath is very important – birds will only use it if they feel safe. Birds get excited and pre-occupied about bathing and tend to be more vulnerable than at other times. Make sure birds have clear visibility as they bathe with bushes or trees nearby to provide cover if alarmed and perches to use when preening.Dimensions: 49.5cm diameter x H18cm

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