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Price reductions at GreenFingers

by John - February 2nd, 2016.
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GreenFingers has cut the price of these items

Vitax Sulphate of Ammonia - 1.25kg

Vitax Sulphate of Ammonia – 1.25kg was £3.09 now £2.49
This Vitax Sulphate of Ammonia is a rich and fast-acting source of nitrogen with a primary function of encouraging leafy growth. Particularly beneficial in leafy vegetables and salad crops such as brassicas lettuce spinach rhubarb and leak the ammonia will quickly green up a tired looking lawn. For best results it is recommended to be applied throughout the growing season simply spread evenly and hoe/ fork into the top surface of the soil. Water-in during dry conditions.NPK: 21-0-0

Vitax Epsom Salts - 1.25kg

Vitax Epsom Salts – 1.25kg was £4.11 now £3.49
The Vitax Epsom Salts provide a rapid cure for magnesium deficiency in plants. Magnesium is vital for the production of chlorophyll without which plant foliage will turn brown and wither. The early symptom of this deficiency is a yellowing between the veins on the senior leaves. Tomatoes and house plants can be particularly susceptible to this problem. A simple and effective remedy application should commence upon witnessing the affliction. Make sure to apply as required during growing season.

Botanico Expanding FSC Wood Trellis - Green 180 x 60cm

Botanico Expanding FSC Wood Trellis – Green 180 x 60cm was £5.49 now £3.99
Stained a decorative light green this Botanico Expanding FSC Wood Trellis with diamond-shaped gaps offers traditional support for your favourite climbing plants and vines. It is a durable and hardy trellis that can be expanded out to suit your garden wall space and is set with durable aluminium rivets for longer life and better support. Made from natural hardwoodFeatures durable 8mm aluminium rivets Dimensions: W180 x H60cm

Vitax Organic Liquid Strawberry Feed - 1 lt

Vitax Organic Liquid Strawberry Feed – 1 lt was £5.24 now £4.99
The Vitax Organic Liquid Strawberry Feed can provide a steady supply of natural nutrients and promote healthy growth for your strawberries and other soft fruits. High in potash (potassium) the fertiliser can lead to bumper crops and is especially impressive when used with strawberry tubs. For best results apply in Spring and throughout the growing season remembering to dilute in accordance with the packaging instructions.

Outback Fish Grill

Outback Fish Grill was £7.49 now £6.99
This Outback Fish Grill allows you to cook perfect fish over BBQs or fires. No more bits sticking everywhere no more burns! The grill gently clamps over the fish and holds it firmly without damaging it. The best part is that the handle keeps the heat away from your hands.Made from quality chrome plated steel it will withstand great heat and is easy to clean.Dimensions: L60 x W14.2 x D2cm

Gardman Easy Watering Patio Kit  - 12 Drippers

Gardman Easy Watering Patio Kit – 12 Drippers was £9.99 now £8.99
Perfect for conveniently watering up to 12 planters at one time this Gardman Easy Watering Patio Kit will save you time water and effort when watering hanging baskets and patio containers. Its steady drip flow means thorough watering without wastage and it can be used with a water timer (not included).Easy to set up its drip watering system supplies up to 12 containers pots or baskets. It connects to a standard hose and comes complete with a pressure regulator tubing and all fittings as well as a great price!Attaches to a standard hose fittingIncludes regulator Includes 12 drippersIncludes 5m pipingFlow rate: 4 litres/hour

Self Watering Herb Pot- 4 Segments

Self Watering Herb Pot- 4 Segments was £11.24 now £9.99
The Self Watering Herb Pot is an attractive and innovative way to irrigate your kitchen herb garden or house plants. This self watering container is the answer to watering your plants if you are going away on holiday or just want to save time as the plants will absorb only the water they need from the reservoir.Consists of four removable pockets for individual planting. Patented self watering system.Dimensions: 22 x 20cm highPlease note: Seeds or plants are not included

Gardman FSC Pine Beach Hut Nest Box - Creamy Yellow

Gardman FSC Pine Beach Hut Nest Box – Creamy Yellow was £11.24 now £9.99
Providing a Gardman Beach Hut Nest Box in your garden will encourage wild birds to nest there and will bring you closer to nature. Designed to be a colourful addition to your outdoors this nesting box is made from FSC pine with an attractive red cedar tiled roof. Robust and beautifully designed this charming box has a practical element too with a D ring attached for ease of mounting on a wall post or tree trunk and an easy opening side panel for end of season cleaning. With a 32mm entry hole it can accommodate a wide variety of garden birds and will make a comfortable retreat for many breeding pairs for years to come.Ideal for for house sparrows tree sparrows great tits and nuthatchesDimensions: W18 x D15 x H24cmRemember to regularly leave out bird food if you want to maintain the presence of birds in your garden. We have a wide range of wild bird food available here

Hozelock 2510 Vortex Spike Sprinkler

Hozelock 2510 Vortex Spike Sprinkler was £11.76 now £10.39
This high performance twin arm sprinkler is ideal for lawn watering. Produces 8 jets for efficient and even watering. The rotational unit is situated on a hard wearing strong spike for use in lawns and borders. Maximum reccomended sprinkling area is 177 square metres.

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