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Price reductions at Crocus

by Sarah - February 3rd, 2016.
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Crocus has cut the price of this product

apple 'Ballerina Samba' (Ballerina Series) (ballerina apple)

apple ‘Ballerina Samba’ (Ballerina Series) (ballerina apple) was £59.99 now £29.99
Position: full sun Soil: fertile, well-drained soil Rate of growth: average Ultimate size on MM106 rootstock: 5.5 x 5.5m (18 x 18ft) Flowering period: April and May Hardiness: fully hardy Pollination Group: B – flowering mid-season Ballerina apple trees are great for smaller gardens as they have a very slender, upright habit, which takes up very little space. They also do very well in large pots, provided they are kept well fed and watered. ‘Samba’ is a recently introduced variety that produced red skinned, crisp and tasty fruits that can be eaten striaght off the tree in October. Garden care: Keep the base of the tree weed free, fertilise at the beginning of each year and water regularly during hot, dry spells. The main prune should be done in the winter as long as it isn’t frosty or freezing. Take out the 3D’s (dead, dying and diseased wood) and create an open shape. Then reduce the leaders back by a third. Aim to create an airy structure without any crisscrossing branches. Summer prune in August by shortening any side shoots (or laterals) which are longer than 20cm back to three leaves. This will allow the sun to ripen the fruit and encourage more fruit buds. Make sure that the growth you’re cutting away feels firm to the touch. Pollination Information: This apple belongs to pollination group B, so you will need to plant one other different variety of apple to guarantee cross pollination, and a subsequent bumper crop. Ideally this should come from the same pollination group, however it is possible to use one from group A or C as well.