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New products at GreenFingers

by John - February 4th, 2016.
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GreenFingers just added these new items

Haxnicks Multipurpose Reuseable Growbag Planter - 100cm

Haxnicks Multipurpose Reuseable Growbag Planter – 100cm £5.99
Perfect for small gardens patios and balconies this extra deep Multipurpose Growbag Planter will help you grow delicious home grown vegetables salads and herbs.This planter is made from long lasting durable materials and has rigid support tubes and brass drainage holes. It can be used time and time again making it great value for money. It comes with a helpful growing guide with lots of tips to get you started.Better water retention to standard grow bags. Versatile and reusable time and time again. When not being used the growbag is easy to rinse off and fold up for storage. It

Herb  Seeds - Chives

Herb Seeds – Chives £2.29
This savoury garnish will add zest to any salad. This plant also makes itself useful when grown close to carrots. This herb is said to improve their growth and deter carrot fly.Prepare the ground well and rake to a fine tilth before sowing Sow seeds in early spring outdoors 12mm deep in rows 30cm apart. They can also be started off under glass and planted out later. Germination usually takes 6-21 days at 18-21C.When large enough to handle thin out to 15cm apart and transplant in late spring to their final positions 30cm apart. These plants prefer ordinary well drained garden soil sun or part shade.Quantity 1000 seeds

Haxnicks Original Victorian Bell Cloche 34cm Diameter - 3 Pack

Haxnicks Original Victorian Bell Cloche 34cm Diameter – 3 Pack £9.99
Haxnicks Original Victorian Bell Cloches are ideal for warming soil planting out and encouraging stable healthy growth of seedlings and tender plants.Made from clear rigid plastic with an adjustable vent on the top for easy ventilation and humidity control.Ideal for over-wintering of herbaceous border plants and semi-hardy perennials growing winter lettuces encouraging early crops of fruit vegetables and salads and establishing kitchen herb gardens. Cloches conserve warmth and direct rainwater and moisture into the surrounding soil.Dimensions: W34 x D34 x H26cmContains: 3 Cloches.

RHS Childrens Seeds - Snake Gourd

RHS Childrens Seeds – Snake Gourd £1.69
Unusual pale green narrow gourds that twist and curl then once dried they can be painted with your personalised snake pattern. This seed pack comes with full instructions. Half-hardy annual. Height up to 2m. Please note that this plant is not edible.Quantity: 25 seeds

Terra Lattice Resin Lawn Edging 2.88m

Terra Lattice Resin Lawn Edging 2.88m £4.99
Create your own stylish picket fence with this Terra Lattice Resin Lawn Edging 6 Pack and create classic looking boundaries between your lawn and flowerbeds.Features:Create eye-catching areas in your garden Clip together feature for seamless designsMade from durable polypropyleneWith this garden fence you can create separate areas in your garden that with its classic design can help to improve the looks of your garden.Dimensions per panel: L48 x D.8 x H36cmLength of Pack: 288cmContents: 6 x edging panelsColour: BrownWeight of each panel: 90g

Flower Seeds - Sweet Pea Promise

Flower Seeds – Sweet Pea Promise £1.99
Sweet Pea Promise is a particularly fragrant variety boasting up to 4 large frilly blooms on each long stem. A spectacular climbing variety for your garden that will make a superb focal point on a trellis or obelisk and it makes a lovely cut flower too.Flowering period: Jun-AugSowing months: Mar-Apr & OctPosition: Full sunHeight: 1.8mSpread: 30cmSow sweet pea seeds indoors in October for transplanting outdoors in spring or direct sow outdoors from March to April. In autumn sow 3 seeds per 7.5cm pot at a depth of 1cm in free-draining seed sowing compost. Place in a propagator or seal container inside a plastic bag at a temperature of 20-25C until germination which takes 10-21 days. Once germinated grow sweet peas on in cooler conditions before transferring to a cold frame for overwintering. Spring sowings can be made outdoors directly into drills at a depth of 2.5cm and a distance of 7.5cm apart. Pinch out the growing points of each stem once the second pair of leaves has opened to encourage bushier growth.In spring plant sweet peas outdoors at a distance of 23cm apart in any well drained garden soil in full sun. Train the stems onto a suitable support such as trellis or a free standing climbing frame. Feed and water sweet peas regularly throughout the growing season. When growing sweet peas it is essential to cut the flower stems frequently and deadhead faded blooms to prevent seedpods developing. This will encourage more blooms to be produced and extend the flowering period throughout summer.Quantity: 1 packet of 25 seeds

Flower Seeds - Wildflower Mixture

Flower Seeds – Wildflower Mixture £2.99
An easy to grow mixture providing an abundance of attractive wild flowers to add colour grace and interest to the garden. Suitable for the flower border or wild area they are also valuable for the butterflies bees seed eating birds and insects they will attract. Some plants will flower in the first summer the rest in spring summer or autumn the next year. Height 20-150cm (8in-5ft). Contents include: Birds-Foot Trefoil Red and White Campion Dames Violet Evening Primrose Musk Mallow Marjoram Yellow Melilot Ragged Robin Yellow Rocket Small Scabious Vervain Vipers Bugloss and many other. Please Note: Even though wild flowers they should not be scattered in the wild without the authorisation of your local Nature Conservation Trust.Sow in spring or autumn in a sunny weed free site preferably of low fertility don’t use fertiliser. Rake well to make a seed bed mix the seed with 9 parts dry sand and sow evenly. Lightly rake in and firm the soil with the feet or a roller.Thin out seedlings carefully to 30cm (12in) apart and transplant thinnings carefully.Keep free of common garden weeds and grass.

Flower Seeds - Campanula Rockery Mixed

Flower Seeds – Campanula Rockery Mixed £3.69
This rich selection of dainty rockery patio and wall campanulas will blossom into neat mounds always smothered in bloom. These hardy perennials are sun lovers and are easily grown in ordinary free draining soil. Flowers summer to a height of 10-15cm.Sow late winter to mid spring or autumn at 16-18C on the surface of a good seed compost and gently firm down compost. Keep soil damp but not wet. Do not exclude light sealing in a polythene bag after sowing is helpful.Quantity: 200 seeds

Navigate HotHouse Floral 4 Person Picnic Backpack with Bottle Holder

Navigate HotHouse Floral 4 Person Picnic Backpack with Bottle Holder £29.99
Head off the beaten track for your next picnic with the Navigate HotHouse Floral 4 Person Picnic Backpack with Bottle Holder. Packing all your essentials for the perfect picnic this backpack set allows you to go and find that spontaneous and romantic spot far from the maddening crowd.Features:4 x Plastic goblets4 x Cotton napkins4 x Plastic plates12 piece cutlery set1 x Bottle opener1 x Cheeseboard with cheese knifeSalt and pepper setInsulated bottle holderIdeal for ramblers hikers or anybody who enjoys a little walk to build up the appetite this backpack picnic set features all you

Greenfingers Loreto Baharu Swing Bed - Cream - W235 x H178cm

Greenfingers Loreto Baharu Swing Bed – Cream – W235 x H178cm £399.99
The Greenfingers Loreto Baharu Swing Bed is a high quality garden swing that also folds out to become a bed.This swing bed is made from Shorea balau. The wood is certified by the Malaysian Timber Certification Council who aim to promote and encourage sustainable forest management. A Class A hardwood Shorea balau is renowned for excellent resistance and wear making it ideal for garden furniture.The fabric used is polyester making it perfect for the garden as it is very resilient and quick drying. Beautifully designed this swing bed offers you great value and is well worth the investment for its durability alone. With a comfortable cushion included this swing offers ultimate relaxation on those lazy summer days. Take a seat admire your garden close your eyes and just drift away.Dimensions: W235 x D120 x H178cm Seat: W179.5cm x D45cmSeat Back: W179.5cm x H59cmBed: W179.5cm x D104cmLoad Capacity: 350kgCustomer Note: The canopy does not tilt. Caution should be taken during windy or stormy conditions. Please remove the canopy to avoid any damage.

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