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New products at Gardens and Homes Direct

by Sarah - February 11th, 2016.
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Gardens and Homes Direct just added these new products

This photo frame houses one standard sized photo, and is the perfect home for a photograph of your most special moment. The photo frame has an extra wide border, providing ample space to collect sentiments and signatures from your loved ones to create a truly unique fixture in your home. Frame your special moment with the signatures of the friends & family who made it extra special. Features: Our Wedding photo frame, houses one standard sized photo. Extra wide border provides space for messages and signatures from loved ones. Dimensions: Size: H23.5 x W30cm Holds one standard 15×9.5cm photograph.

Give your special anniversary photo a very special home with our signature photo frame. Houses one standard size photo, with an extra wide, white frame, giving you plenty of space for loved ones to write you a special message to accompany your lovely photo, creating a truly unique and beautiful work of art. Frame your special, celebratory moment with the signatures of friends & family who shared it with you. Features: White photo frame with a thick border, houses one standard size photo. Extra wide border provides a blank canvas for writing – collect signatures from your loved ones to make your anniversary even more special. Dimensions: Size: H23.5 x W30cm Holds one standard 15×9.5cm photograph.

Infuse your home with the gentle scent of rose petals with this metal heart pomander and home spray. Hang the pomander in the room of your choice and let it gently fill the air with the rich, deep scent of red roses, for up to three months. Also comes with a spray, for freshening up your home or the pomander. Features: Tasteful and attractive metal heart design. Lasts up to three months, giving a rich, velvety fragrance of warm, subtle spices. Comes with a refresher spray to improve the fragrance of the pomander. Dimensions: Pomander Size: H5.5 x W5.5 x D2.7cm Includes 20ml home/refresh spray

Indulge yourself, or a loved one, with these delightfully scented honeysuckle & sweet pea bathing flowers. Simply drop one in a full bath tub and immerse yourself in delicate fragrance and vibrant colour, making for a relaxing and invigorating soak. Features: Pamper yourself with these delicately scented bathing flowers. Sweet pea & honeysuckle scented, bringing fragrance and colour to your bathing. Parabens & sulphates free. Dimensions: Weight: 85g

This peanut feeder is perfect for providing small kinds of wild bird with a reliable food source during colder months, when food is hard to find. The attractive hammer effect coating and strong wire mesh tube make the feeder subtle and suitable for any garden. The lid and base twist off to allow for easy refilling and cleaning, and the structure of the feeder prevents squirrels from stealing food, allowing your birds to eat peacefully. Features: Attractive hammer effect coating with strong wire mesh tube. Easily rermovable lid and base for refilling and cleaning of feeder. Prevents squirrels from stealing food, allowing birds to eat safely.

This modestly sized light box is a great idea for anyone seeking a pleasant and sentimental ornament in their room. The box is hand-crafted from high-quality wood with engravings and cut-outs, with a translucent sparkle mesh. The LED light inside the box provides an ambient level of light, illuminating the hearts and lettering cut-outs on the box. Features: Attractive and modest LED box with cut-out heart design. Hand-crafted with high quality wood. Handsomely painted and designed with a cut-out with sentimental messages. Provides a small amount of ambient light, producing an attractive feature. Dimensions: Size: H11 x W7 x D7cm