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New products at Gardens and Homes Direct

by Sarah - February 12th, 2016.
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New products today at Gardens and Homes Direct

This heart shaped board is crafted from solid oak, making it robust and sturdy yet smooth and versatile. Perfect for using as a chopping board for vegetables, or as a serving board for cheeses and cakes. The board is easy to clean, needing only a quick mild wash in warm water and a quick dry to preserve the quality of the wood. Features: Crafted from solid oak, shaped into a traditional heart shape. Doubles as a chopping and serving board – great for chopping vegetables or serving cakes and cheese. Easy to clean, just use warm water and mild detergant and dry immediately. Dimensions: Size: H26 x W27 x D2.5cm

This picture frame is the perfect home for treasured mementos from your engagement, allowing you to house one standard sized photograph to hang on a wall. The extra wide border provides space for the signatures and messages of loved ones, allowing you to create a truly unique and priceless work of art. Frame that special moment with the signatures of the ones who made it even more special. Features: White photo frame with a thick border, headed with Engagement ribbon label. Write right on the frame – get the signatures of the people who shared your special moment to make a truly unique work of art. Dimensions: Size: H23.5 x W30cm Holds one standard 15×9.5cm photograph.

This giant steel feeder is perfect for gardeners who want to feed large amounts of wild birds, housing up to 975g of peanuts to treat birds with. Ideal for hanging from tree branches or feeding stations, this feeder can be placed anywhere in your garden to instantly bring it to life. The feeder is made of durable metal, and coated with Feedsafe anti-bacterial solution to prevent bacterial growth, and has a removable lid and base to allow for easy refilling and cleaning. Features: Ideal for hanging from branches, around the garden or from a feeding station. Durable all-metal feeder. Feedsafe coating to prevent bacterial growth. Detachable lid and base for easy refilling and cleaning. Will hold up to 975g of peanuts. Dimensions: Capacity: 975g

This decorative wooden plaquard is a delightful decoration to install anywhere in your home to treat your family to a pleasant sentiment to brighten up their day. Built from solid wood, painted white with black text, and decorated with metal wording. Features: Built from solid wood and adorned with metal lettering. A delightful sentiment to brighten up your family’s day wherever it is placed. Full message reads It is not being in love that makes me happy……. It’s being in love with you that makes me happy. Dimensions: Size: H20 x W20 x D4cm

This ornamental tealight holder is a great gift idea for a loved one, providing ambience for a romantic meal, night in or any occasion spent with your partner. Holds one tealight, and is decorated with sentimental text, to make an extra special romantic gift. Features: Tealight holder suitable for holding one tealight. Ornamental design adorned with sentimental text. Dimensions: Size: H6 x W9 x D9cm

This heavy duty bird feeder is perfect for making sure your local wild birds get a nice meal in, protecting your choice of seed mix or sunflower seed from squirrels with its bite-resistant design. Features: Metal base and top, with a shatterproof tube. Bite resistant to squirrels. Hangs from a tree branch or feeding station. Suitable for feeding standard seed mix and sunflower seeds Dimensions: Approx Feed Capacity: 600g (seed mix), 450g (sunflower seed)

This heavy duty seed feeder is suitable for hanging anywhere in your garden, including from tree branches and feeding stations. The polished cast aluminium feeder is appropriate for feeding seed mix, sunflower seeds or peanuts, and can hold up to 600g of seed mix. Coated with Feedsafe to prevent bacterial growth, you can be sure your local wild birds are healthy and well-fed, bringing natural life to your garden. Features: Hangs from tree branches or feeding stations, anywhere in your garden. Polished cast aluminium feeder, suitable for seed mix, sunflower seeds and peanuts. Holds up to 600g. Coated with Feedsafe, to prevent bacterial growth. Dimensions: Height: 33cm Capacity: 600g seed mix.

This unique and versatile three-in-one bird feeder is a great addition to small gardens, or for people new to gardening. The seperate compartments have space for seed mix, peanuts and fat snax, while the feeder is easy to refill, using a flip-top lid and button-operated clasps to open the middle compartment. Holds 185g seed mix, 240g peanuts and 3 fat snax, and is 40cm tall. Features: Three-in-one peanut, seed and fat snax feeder. Separate compartments for each kind of food. Perfect for people new to feeding birds, or for those with limited garden space. Flip-top lid for easy re-filling, with easy-to-open middle section operated by buttons. Holds 185g seed mix, 240g peanuts and 3 fat snax. 40cm tall. Dimensions: Capacity: 185g seed mix, 240g peanuts, 3 fat snax Height: 40cm

Handmade in the UK from FSC redwood, with a sturdy metal mesh, this feeder is a perfect addition to bring natural life and variety to your garden. The feeder easily hangs from a feeding station or tree branch, holding up to 520g of peanuts to feed your local wildlife with. Features: Suitable for peanuts, bringing natural life to your garden. Handmade from FSC redwood, with a sturdy metal mesh. Easily hangs from any tree branch or feeding station. Holds up to 520g of peanuts. Stands 22.5cm high. Dimensions: Height: 22.5cm Capacity: 520g peanuts