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New products at Dobies

by Sarah - February 20th, 2016.
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Dobies has these new items today

Early Sping Colour Plants - Collection

Early Sping Colour Plants – Collection £14.97
Bring colour to your garden with these three delightful early spring flowering plants. Collection contains 3 potted plants (1 of each variety):Forsythia Gold Mine – A recent forysthia introduction with many additional qualities to similar varieties. Its bright yellow flowers which appear larger, are bourne freely along the stems of this more compact variety. Being easy to grow, Gold Mine will brighten up any garden when in flower during spring with its flowers from tip to toe. Also good for cutting and placing in a vase inside. Height approximately 120cm. Supplied in a 3 litre pot.Exochorda Niagra – This superb recently introduced deciduous shrub will create an impressive display in any garden during spring. More compact than other exochorda varieties, Niagara will form a slightly arching mound of light green leaves which are covered by a mass of large white flowers almost covering the whole plant. Flowers April-May. Height 120-150cm. Plant supplied 25-45cm in a 3 litre pot. (Please note: pot in image is not included.)Choisya White Dazzler – A stunning new introduction that is also known as Mexican Orange Blossom. Glossy green leaves adorn this evergreen shrub giving interest all year round. Come spring the plant becomes smothered with scented white flowers with a rich fragrance. It is not uncommon for a second flush of flowers to be produced in late summer and early autumn when other flowers may be beginning to fade. Easy to grow and requiring little maintenance, plant height 200-250cm. Choisya White Dazzler is great for patio pots or in borders. Plant supplied 60cm in a 3 litre pot.

Hibiscus Plant - Offer

Hibiscus Plant – Offer £17.99
The plant you receive will be selected by us from the Hibiscus Chiffon range we are offering so get a surprise by what colour the plant is – pink, white, lavender, blue or china! Go on, take advantage of this offer. (Please note: Image is for illustration purpose only.)Hibiscus Chiffon is one of the most prolific and longest-blooming varieties of hibiscus, with the most elegant tissue-paper-like flowers!Boasts beautiful double and semi-double flowers up to 10cm (4) across, composed of tissue-paper-like petals, the lacy centres creating an anemone-like appearance. Its a good choice for creating a wow effect on the patio and showing off other plants in borders. The deciduous plants make a fine background planting to other low-growing shrubs, annuals or perennials. And this is one tough plant – a strong, vigorous grower, untroubled by pests and diseases and able to maintain itself through good weather and poor alike! Flowers late July-September. Plant height 60-90cm, supplied in a 3 litre pot.Lacy flower centres create an anemone-like flowerFlowers on new growthEach flower lasts 3-5 daysStrong and vigorous growth

Bean (Broad) Plants - Stereo

Bean (Broad) Plants – Stereo £7.99
The finest tasting of all varieties, pick young pods when tender and eat them like mangetout. Broad Bean Stereo is part of the James Wong Grow For Flavour Range.An intensely sweet, nutty flavourPick the pods off when they are finger lengthSlice them raw into a salad of goats cheese and roasted red onions, or grill them whole and scatter with shards of jamn ibrico, lemon zest and walnuts