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New products at GreenFingers

by John - February 20th, 2016.
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New items added today at GreenFingers

Greenfingers 3 Tier Greenhouse

Greenfingers 3 Tier Greenhouse £17.98
Protect your plants and improve their growth with this Greenfingers 3 Tier Greenhouse. Ideal for growing plants whatever the weather the compact size of this greenhouse means it will fit into even smaller spaces. Sturdy and robust in construction this is easily assembled in minutes

Rhubarb Victoria 1 Crown

Rhubarb Victoria 1 Crown £2.99
Rhubarb Victoria is a high yielding very popular main crop. It will crop for many years and produces abundant yields of large thick stalks. This is juicy and sweet with a tart punch. Victoria Rhubarb is surprisingly versatile in the kitchen and very attractive in the garden.Planting in Autumn or Spring this Rhubarb likes a rich soil which includes plenty of compost or manure if it is available. When planting plant so that the crown is just level with the surface of the soil. Plant firmly about 90cm apart treading the soil around the roots. Water in freely if the soil is dry and continue to do so until growth starts. It is advisable not to take stems the first growing season to allow the plant to become established. When harvesting twist stems away from the crown as they attain sufficient size but never take too many from one plant as this will weaken it.Position: Sun/ShadeSoil: richHarvest June1 crown per pack

Greenfingers Maldon Garden Arch

Greenfingers Maldon Garden Arch £29.99
Perfect for adding height and structure to your garden this Greenfingers Maldon Planter Garden Arch will create a striking focal point. Just imagine it covered with clematis honeysuckle or roses climbing and twisting up the frame

Greenfingers Regency Swing Gazebo Cover

Greenfingers Regency Swing Gazebo Cover £46.99
Keep your Greenfingers Regency Swing Gazebo protected from the elements with this green gazebo cover. Manufactured from 240g PVC coated polyester making it waterproof it is a snug fit and opens via 2 zips at either side. Strong and durableDimensions: 150 x 250 x 250cm highPlease note that in high winds furniture covers can act like a sail so we advise that covers are not used in stormy weather. This cover is suitable for LS6664D Greenfingers Regency Swing Gazebo

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