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Price reductions at GreenFingers

by John - February 23rd, 2016.
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GreenFingers has cut the price of these lines

Sunflare Fibre Optic Colour Changing Solar Light

Sunflare Fibre Optic Colour Changing Solar Light was £3.99 now £2.99
Create a fantastical feeling in your garden with the Sunflare Fibre Optic Colour Changing Solar Light

Sunflare Solar Light

Sunflare Solar Light was £3.99 now £3.39
Get your feathered friends to brightening up your garden with the Sunflare Solar Light

Chapelwood FSC Wooden Bee House

Chapelwood FSC Wooden Bee House was £9.99 now £8.99
Environmentally friendly this green Chapelwood FSC Wooden Bee House is ideal for attracting bees or other insects to your garden. It is a fabulous triangular-shaped bee house for your garden that could be a great project for your kids too. To attract bees simply place against a wall or hang from a tree facing the morning sun. Some of the larger tubes are just the right size for masonry or leaf cutter bees. These bees do not swarm so there would only be a few of them using the box. The bees lay an egg in a tube put balls of pollen with it and then stop up the end of the tube with leaves or mud and in the spring the young adult eats its way out and the cycle starts over. Other insects such as ladybirds will also happily use the smaller tubes in this habitat. Ladybirds in particular provide a wonderful natural garden pest removal service by helping to get rid of aphids and other unwanted bugs. FSC approved wood. Non-toxic paint. EN71 compliant. Dimensions: W14.2 x D11.5 x H19.4cm

Chapelwood Coloured Nest Box

Chapelwood Coloured Nest Box was £9.99 now £8.99
This great value apex style Chapelwood Coloured Nest Box features a zinc plated roof giving it a natural durability and resistance to weather and temperature. By attracting wild birds to your garden you will be able to enjoy watching them up close and provide them with a home

Grange Rustic Raised Bed

Grange Rustic Raised Bed was £19.98 now £17.99
This easily assembled rustic raised bed is a great way to grow your vegetables herbs plants and flowers. The raised bed is practical and also a great feature in your garden while making it an easier way for you to grow your vegetables or plants.The raised bed is made from pressure treated wood protecting it for longer.Dimensions: 1.84m x 0.9m x 0.15mAprox. volume: 250 litresPlease note: Plants not included

Chapelwood Bird Dining Station Patio Base

Chapelwood Bird Dining Station Patio Base was £22.99 now £19.99
Have you always wanted a wild bird feeding station on your patio? Now it is a problem no longer with this Chapelwood Bird Dining Station Patio Base. Specifically designed for Chapelwood Dining Stations and made from steel this heavy duty base must be installed on a hard surface. Ideal for bird lovers who want a closer view of the feeding antics of wild birds!Dimensions: 35cm diameter x H32cmWeight: 11kgTo view our range of Chapelwood Wild Bird Dining Stations please click here

Terra FSC Fir Large Compost Bin - 890 Litres

Terra FSC Fir Large Compost Bin – 890 Litres was £49.99 now £34.99
Keep your garden tidy as well as recycling your grass clippings and food waste with this extra large Terra FSC Fir Compost Bin. ACQ pressure treated for durability. With a slatted design that ensures good air circulation for composting this is a simple but effective composter made from ACQ pressure treated timber pieces that simply slot together. One of the keys to composting is aeration and the exposure to air in this slatted compost bin encourages microbial activity speeding up the composting process. Manufactured from high quality fir from FSC Certified managed forests so you know this has come from a well-managed environment this compost bin is practical and will look good wherever you place it. Composting is an indispensable tool for any successful home gardener. Using a compost bin not only gives you an abundant supply of nutrient-rich soil for planting but it also provides an environmentally sound place to throw away waste food and other organic items.Dimensions: W113 x D113 x H70cm Bin Bize: W97 x D97cmCapacity: 890 litres Click here for Wood Information.Click here for Composting Instructions.Click here for Assembly Instructions.Customer Note: Treated with ACQ pressure treatment this product is designed to last. While assembling this product it is advisable that you wear gloves and it is also inadvisable to burn pressure treated timber.

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