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New products at Blooming Direct

by John - February 26th, 2016.
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New product at Blooming Direct

Kangaroo Paws 'Bush Gems' 3 x 10.5cm

Kangaroo Paws ‘Bush Gems’ 3 x 10.5cm £19.99
For a real taste of the unusual look no furthet than Kangaroo Paws or Anigozanthos to give them their botanic name. Hailing from Australia these ‘Bush Gems are the result of extensive breeding work from the wild form which now gives a series of brightly coloured perennials which will thrive in the UK climate and flower and flower all summer. Bush Gems have sword like foliage which is covered in downy hairs giving a soft furry look and feel and has no aged yellow leaves unlike some border plants. One look at the unique multi headed 60cm flower stems and you can see where the name Kangaroo Paws comes from. This is a lovely plant for a sunny border and has good drough tolerance once establish in the garden. they are great in containers too but here they need plenty of water. You’ll get a great display with blooms over three to four months in summer followed by another flush through autumn. Collection contains one each of Bush Inferno (red), Bush Pearl (pink) and Bush Tenacity (orange yellow)