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New products at Jersey Plants Direct

by Sarah - March 2nd, 2016.
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Jersey Plants Direct just added these new products

Ladies Gardening Gloves

Ladies Gardening Gloves £4.99
Protect Your Hands Whilst doing Your Gardening TasksThese Ladies Gardening Gloves are strong enough to withstand any challenge, yet supple enough to give unrivalled comfort. They are ideal for protecting your hands whilst you tend to those pesky tasks throughout your garden.

Pond Check

Pond Check £3.99
How healthy is your pond for your fish/plants?With this handy little tester you can test the PH of your pond and adjust the PH of the water accordingly. Acid pond water can result in increased pollutants and a shortage of oxygen. Alkaline conditions can harm fish and damage plant life. Try to aim for a PH of 7.5. If the PH falls outside the range of 6.5 – 8.5, changes must be made!