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Price reductions at GreenFingers

by John - March 7th, 2016.
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GreenFingers has cut the price of these items

Onion Set - Stuttgarter Giant  50 Bulbs

Onion Set – Stuttgarter Giant 50 Bulbs was £1.99 now £1.49
A firm favourite Stuttgarter Giant are characteristically flat shaped yellow skinned onions with a good yield and storing qualities. Plant the onion sets from mid-March to mid-April 15cm (6

Spring Bulbs - Onion Red Baron

Spring Bulbs – Onion Red Baron was £1.69 now £1.49
The Red Baron onion won The Royal Horticultural Society Award of Garden Merit 2005. They are a mid-late maturing variety with flattish-round bulbs which are a beautiful dark red colour. They are an excellent cropper and produce attractive firm well-flavoured bulbs which keep well. These make an attractive addition in the salad bowl. Plant onion from mid-February to March 15cm apart in rows 30cm apart. Lift the onions when they are mature and allow them to dry before using. Position: full sun Soil: any soil Harvest: AugustRate of growth: average Hardiness: fully hardyQuantity: 50 onionsSize: 14-21

Spring Bulbs - Strawberry Daiquiri Collection 8 Bulbs

Spring Bulbs – Strawberry Daiquiri Collection 8 Bulbs was £4.99 now £3.74
Pretty pinks for your outdoors the Strawberry Daiquiri Collection comprises Dahlia Pretty Woman Begonia Blushing Star and Habranthus robusta. Fabulous pot and container plants they also make a great cut flower arrangements.Bee friendlyType: Hardy Perennial Flowering period: All summer longCollection comprises: Dahlia Pretty Woman: lavender-pink blooms are offset wonderfully against dark foliage Begonia Blushing Star: soft pink fully-petalled flowers above lustrous green foliage. Habranthus robusta: attractive pale pink blooms that resemble resemble small amaryllis flowers Plant from March onwards 23-30cm apart in any well cultivated garden soil with a good supply of organic material and in sunny sites away from strong winds. For early flowering they may be started off in boxes in April; use a light soil mixed with compost. Keep slightly moist cool and free from frost. When danger of frost has passed plant out. If used as a cut flower cut flowers only when completely developed.Quantity: Mixed pack of 8 bulbs

Spring Bulbs - Agapanthus Blue - Pack of 3 Bulbs

Spring Bulbs – Agapanthus Blue – Pack of 3 Bulbs was £4.99 now £4.49
Agapanthus Blue have beautiful sky blue buds perched on firmly upright stems. They will look fabulous in borders window boxes planters and patio containers. Developing freely from their second year they grow into dense established clumps of strap-like dark green foliage. Agapanthus are easy to propagate by division. Divide between spring and early summer or in early autumn after plants have finished flowering. Avoid splitting plants too often as this will reduce flowering. Large clumps should only be split every four to six years.Type: Hardy Perennial Flowering period: July- August Height and spread: 90 x 45 cm Preferred planting position: Full sunPreferred soil type: Fertile moist well-drained soilPack of 3

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