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New products at GreenFingers

by John - March 9th, 2016.
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GreenFingers has these new lines today

Design Toscano Twinkle Toes Fairy Garden Statue

Design Toscano Twinkle Toes Fairy Garden Statue £92.99
This delightful Design Toscano Twinkle Toes Fairy Garden Statue perfectly captures the whimsical spirit of the faery folk.This twinkle toes fairy is cast in quality designer resin which has been finished in a pleasing antique stone finish. The detail in this statue is captivating. From her tilted head as she delights in the butterfly that has alighted on her toes to the ragged handkerchief dress and the butterfly-like wings she strikes a charming pose while sitting on her stony base.Stone effect finish.Fine detail. Would make a great gift. This Fairy statue will look right at home amongst the flowers in your garden borders or conservatory and will bring a light hearted feeling to any number of settings. Dimensions: L34 x W19 x H34cmWeight: 2kg

Design Toscano Cupids Message Of Love Statue Garden Statue

Design Toscano Cupids Message Of Love Statue Garden Statue £95.99
Irrepressible childlike charm a heart-warming pose and a sweet face all reveal this Design Toscano Cupids Message Of Love Statue

Stratford Planter

Stratford Planter £19.98
This smartly styled planter can hold pots up to 11 diameter and looks great either free standing on the ground or mounted on its own brackets (supplied). Made from moulded resin simple self assembly. 81x21x23cm high. Black.Note: This planter could be lined and filled with soil. It can cope with weight.

J Arthur Bowers Hydroleca 25L

J Arthur Bowers Hydroleca 25L £12.99
J Arthur Bowers Hydroleca is a lightweight ceramic pebble that has a honeycomb centre which will help to protect your plants from overwatering whilst creating a beneficial micro-climate for their roots to grow and thrive in.Lighweight. Creates a beneficial micro-climate. Decorative pot topping. To use Hydroleca to the best effect place your houseplant or greenhouse plant pot on a layer of Hydroleca which will absorb water and release it slowly to prevent root damage from waterlogging. You can also use this versatile product as a decorative finish by sprinkling a layer around the base of your plants.Contents: 25 litres

Design Toscano The Great White Egret Garden Statue

Design Toscano The Great White Egret Garden Statue £71.99
Add something that is slightly quirky to your garden design with this Design Toscano The Great White Egret Garden Statue.This magnificent great white egret statue is cast in quality designer resin which has been realistic hand painted in the all-white plumage that they are known for. The realistic finish is carried on with the black and yellow bill and black legs. The base is designed with a tree stump rushes and stones giving the whole statue a wonderfully natural look as well as providing the whole statue with a solid grounding.Hand painted. Lifelike finish. Naturalistic landscape. This wonderful looking sculpture will enhance any setting and can be used to provide a focal point that will be the envy of your neighbours in the garden in a conservatory or by a pond where it might even deter other birds from stealing your prized Koi.Dimensions: W28 x D15 x H58cmWeight: 1.8kg

Bosmere Storm Black Stacking/Reclining Chair Cover

Bosmere Storm Black Stacking/Reclining Chair Cover £23.50
This Bosmere Storm Black Stacking/Reclining Chair Cover will protect your favourite chairs from the elements. A stylish urban chic cover it features PVC back polyester fabric for better performance in all conditions brass coated eyelets double stitched seams for extra strength and the top panel seams have waterproofed joints. Includes Bungee ties to keep the cover more secure in stormy conditionsDimensions: L61 x W68 xH107 (back) H68cm (front)Looking for a different cover? Please click here to view our Garden Furniture Cover Department.

Vine Leaf Urn

Vine Leaf Urn £34.99
With a mix of classic design and eco-friendly recycled materials the distinctive Vine Leaf Urn will look stunning when placed on your patio in the home next to a pathway or doorway or used to create a focal point in the conservatory. Features:Made with recycled materials. Hand-crafted finish. Suitable for outdoor use. UV fade resistant. Lightweight. Frost proof. Made with a mixture of recycled materials this urn features a fluted embossed vine leaf design and has a similar look to heavier and more expensive stone planters. The urn comes in two parts with a screw in square pedestal base which provides a secure and stable platform. The hand-finished exterior of this urn is weatherproof allowing you to place them anywhere in the garden without any risk of damage.Dimensions: Dia41 x H53cmColour: Slate GreyCreate a feature anywhere in your home garden or conservatory with the Vine Leaf Urn .

Gardman Standard Easy Arch

Gardman Standard Easy Arch £8.99
Provide a decorative focal point in your garden with this Gardman Standard Easy Arch.This simple yet effective arch is made from durable powder coated steel which makes this a lightweight structure to erect but ensures that it is a long lasting addition to your garden design.Powder coated steel. Ideal for adding visual impact. Instructions included. This garden arch is the ideal structure to grow a range of climbing plants up including honeysuckle roses and clematis. This will give you a great looking display that can be used to frame garden entrances pathways and vistas.Dimensions above Ground: W1.4 x D.37 x H2mLength below ground: 40cmColour: Black

Bosmere Rolling Lawn Aerator

Bosmere Rolling Lawn Aerator £31.99
This Rolling Lawn Aerator has been specifically designed for lawn aerating during autumn when the soil is soft. With 27 spikes covering a 34cm width you can make over 184 aeration holes per square metre. The easy-rolling manually pushed aerator lets air water and nutrients reach grass roots for a greener more beautiful lawn. It also comes with a metal protection guard and a three part press button handle for easy storage. Constructed of galvanised steelRust-proofDurable Dimensions: 44cm wide x 122cm high

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