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New products at Suttons Seeds

by Sarah - March 9th, 2016.
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New items at Suttons Seeds

Seed Tape Collection - Spring & Autumn

Seed Tape Collection – Spring & Autumn £19.98
Feed a family of 4 for up to 26 weeks (depending on how hungry they are!). Weve developed a new range of seed tapes that make seed sowing and crop planning easier than ever! Our top quality seeds are pre-spaced in a biodegradable tape which can be simply rolled out, covered with soil and watered. Whats brand new and exclusive to Suttons is our amazing collection which allows you to feed your family for a season. Quick & easy! Sow veg seeds in seconds perfect spacing every time! Each collection contains 2m tape of each of ten varieties.Spring Harvesting varieties: Beetroot Boltardy – Top selling variety. Carrot Early Nantes 2 – Harvest from small finger size onwards. Spring Onion White Lisbon – Popular for salads. Leaf Salad Spicy Mix – Nutritious mixed leaves. Spinach Beet (Chard) Bright Lights – Treat as ‘cut and come again’. Radish French Breakfast 3 – Crispy, tasty, succulent roots. Lettuce Lollo Rossa – Tasty Italian ‘picking’ type. Turnip Purple Top Milan – Delicious, crunchy texture. Rocket (Cultivated) – Adds a peppery tang to salads. Spinach Gigante d’inverno – Vigorous plants with good leaf production.Once you’ve finished harvesting your spring vegetables, replace with our autumn varieties:Autumn Harvesting varieties: Beetroot Chioggia -Sweet roots with unique white rings. Parsnip Tender & True – Delicious for roasting. Radicchio (Chicory rossa di treviso precore) – Italian salad vegetable. Leaf Salad Stir Fry Mix – Nutritious mixed leaves. Celeriac Monarch – Tasty alternative to celery. Fennel – Green leaves aid digestion. Lettuce Lollo Rossa – Tasty Italian picking type. Leek Neptune – Winter hardy. Turnip Purple Top Milan – Delicious, crunchy texture. Kohl Rabi Purple and White Vienna Mix – Juicy and crispy.

Ageratum Plants - F1 Blue Haze

Ageratum Plants – F1 Blue Haze £7.99
An extremely attractive ageratum which is smothered throughout the summer in clusters of frothy flowers. Ideal for border edging. Flowers May-June. Height 20cm (8); spacing 20cm (8). The most popular individual colour.