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New products at Gardening Direct

by Sarah - March 11th, 2016.
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Gardening Direct has these new lines today

Rösle No1 F50 Smoker

Rösle No1 F50 Smoker £229.99
Now just £229.99 (rrp: £329.99) – SAVE £100! Dimensions: Height: 136cm, Width:68cm, Depth:69cm.With practical functions as standard, this smoker lets you try a new and unique barbecuing experience such as, smoked ribs, pulled pork or long smoked fish!

Rösle Charcoal Kettle Gril

Rösle Charcoal Kettle Gril £192.99
Now just £192.99 (rrp: £269.99) – SAVE £77! Dimensions: Height: 110cm, Widith:83cm, Depth:73cm.Tough and practical grill with a lot of extra features, practical hinged lid, stainless steel grate, thermometer, with a high domed lid and lots more great features on this terrific value BBQ. Treat yourself to new BBQ for the Summer at this amazing price.

Rösle Grill Plate Round 40cm

Rösle Grill Plate Round 40cm £39.99
Now just £39.99 (rrp: £64.99) – SAVE £25! Material: Enamel-coated cast ironDouble-faced grill plate with a sleek surface and a ridged surface that will produce a cross-hatched pattern on a steak.

Looftlighter Barbecue/Fire Lighter

Looftlighter Barbecue/Fire Lighter £39.99
Now just £39.99 (rrp: £79.99) – SAVE £40!The Swedish invention that also lights your fires! The Looftlighter is the quickest way of igniting a barbecue, it takes 1 minute then just leave the barbecue to burn on it’s own. No direct flame makes it very safe while it also has an aluminum shield for heat to help it cool down quicker!

Rösle Grill Dishes (set of 3)

Rösle Grill Dishes (set of 3) £33.99
Now just £33.99 (rrp: £59.99) – SAVE £26! Material: Porcelain enamel-coated steel3 piece set of grill dishes for storing, marinating, steaming and frying. Enamel-coated Porcelain steel. These dishes can also serve as lids.

Röslee Barbecue Tool Set

Röslee Barbecue Tool Set £33.99
Now just £33.99 (rrp: £55.99) – SAVE £22!Beginner set for any established or aspiring barbecue pros. Includes a turner for steaks and burgers, tongs for most barbecue foods, and gloves for protection from hot surfaces and dirty objects.

Rösle Kettle Grill Shelf

Rösle Kettle Grill Shelf £29.99
Now just £29.99 (rrp: £48.99) – SAVE £19!A great attachment shelf for Rosle grills, varnished beech wood plank with a groove for juice collection and can be suspended from both sides of the grill.

Rösle Rack with Grill Skewers

Rösle Rack with Grill Skewers £29.99
Now just £29.99 (rrp: £49.99) – SAVE £20! Features: Skewers can be rotated, held in 4 positions to ensure all-round grilling. Double prongs prevent the food from slipping when turning.This is a very useful system when grilling fish or delicate ground meat kebabs. Can be turned in four positions to ensure all round cooking.

Rosle Steak Knife Set

Rosle Steak Knife Set £24.99
Now just £24.99 (rrp: £39.99) – SAVE £15!Four piece set of Rosle steak knives, forged handles with rivets and a steel blade.