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New products at Dobies

by Sarah - March 12th, 2016.
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Over a hundred new items today at Dobies

Herb Plants - Surf & Turf Collection

Herb Plants – Surf & Turf Collection £14.97
Surf & Turf contains 4 x 9cm potted plants (1 of each variety) including the FREE potted plant of Bronze Fennel:Purple Sage for pork – Sage is one of the oldest healing herbs, held sacred by the Romans but in recent times it is an important addition to our kitchen gardens. A distinctive taste and purplish leaves.Coriscan Rosemary for lamb – Similar to the common rosemary but a stronger grower with delightful deep blue flowers. Try this in fruit salads or punches.French Thyme for chicken – A version of thyme with slightly narrower leaves. Pretty pink flowers and wonderful in soupls and stews.Bronze Fennel – Liquorice-tasting seeds ideal for use with seafood, summer salads, vegetables or bread and cakes. Young leaves are feathery and a lovely bronze purple colour.Please note: The herb plants are available individually.

Heuchera Plant - Fire Chief

Heuchera Plant – Fire Chief £7.99
Must-have hardy perennials, with the most unusual foliage, and some of the most sun-tolerant varieties available at the moment. The plumes of little flowers that appear in summer are an added bonus! Fire Chief – Wine red foliage with pink-and-white bicoloured flowers. Height 25-35cm (10-14); spread 30-40cm (12-16). HP – Hardy perennial. Supplied in a 9cm pot.

Clematis Plant - Fleuri

Clematis Plant – Fleuri £9.99
These irresistible Boulevard clematis have a compact, bushy habit which makes them ideal for containers on the patio, or in small borders. The plants bloom from both the leaf axels and stems tips, so they can flower right down to the ground, repeat-blooming from May to October! And they’re easy to care for; simply trim stems back to 30cm high each spring. Fleuri – Magnificent deep purple single flowers with attractive, contrasting red bars. Height 60-100cm (2′-3’4). Climbing plant. HP – Hardy perennial. Supplied in a 9cm pot.

Herb Plant - Celery Leaves

Herb Plant – Celery Leaves £4.99
Biennial herb with a slightly bitter taste but perfect for flavouring chicken and fish dishes. Supplied in a 9cm pot.

Herb Plant - Sage

Herb Plant – Sage £4.99
Perennial shrub with grey-green leaves. Best with pork, duck and goose, and excellent with onions, fish, cheese and liver. Supplied in a 10cm pot.Pick & Mix – Buy 3 10cm potted herbs for the price of 2!

Poppy oriental Plant - Victoria Louise

Poppy oriental Plant – Victoria Louise £7.99
These hardy oriental poppies, with their velvety, bowl-shaped blooms, are simply breathtaking! Victoria Louise – A clump-forming perennial with erect stems, grey green leaves and cup-shaped salmon-pink flowers with ruffled petals and purple-black centres. Flowers May-June. Height 80cm (32); spread 75cm (30). Supplied in a 1 litre pot. Back of border variety.Companion Plants – The foliage of oriental poppies dies back during the heat of the summer, leaving a gap in the garden, so companion plants such as gaura and geums are ideal!

Salvia Plant - x jamensis Nachtvlinder

Salvia Plant – x jamensis Nachtvlinder £7.99
Valued highly as both ornamental and culinary plants, salvias combine striking flowers with attractive, and frequently aromatic, foliage. x jamensis Nachtvlinder – Gorgeous deep purple, velvety, hooded blooms that last through the summer into early autumn. Fantastic against silver foliage plants or with blue/white flowering plants. Flowers July-early October. Height 50-60cm (20-24); spread 30-40cm (12-16). Middle of border variety. Supplied in a 9cm pot.

Herb Plant - Chives

Herb Plant – Chives £4.99
Perennial clumps of onion-flavoured, tender, spear-like green leaves. Delicious in all egg, potato and cheese dishes, in salads, and sprinkled over soups and potatoes. Supplied in a 10cm pot.Pick & Mix – Buy 3 10cm potted herbs for the price of 2!

Herb Plant - Thyme

Herb Plant – Thyme £4.99
Thyme is a perennial herb with small scented leaves. Excellent used sparingly with poultry, meat and game, and in soups. Supplied in a 10cm pot.Pick & Mix – Buy 3 10cm potted herbs for the price of 2!


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