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New products at Jersey Plants Direct

by Sarah - March 12th, 2016.
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Jersey Plants Direct has these new lines today

La Hacienda Bakerstone Box

La Hacienda Bakerstone Box £124.99
Now just £124.99 (rrp: £139.99) – SAVE £15!Create a pizza oven on your grill with the fully portable Bakerstone Pizza Oven Box by La Hacienda. Nothing to fuel, plug in or attach. Simply place on your grill, preheat, and then bake delicious homemade pizza in 2 to 4 minutes. The design raises the temperature of BBQs to that of a real wood burning pizza oven using convective, conductive and radiant heat, allowing you to create pizzeria-quality pizzas at home in 2-4 minutes. Also superb for bread and cookies, roast meats and vegetables, cooks fish and more.

Barbecook® Rotating Table with 6 Bowls

Barbecook® Rotating Table with 6 Bowls £46.99
Now just £46.99 (rrp: £65.99) – SAVE £19!A lovely stylish, sharing table, rotates for ease. Fill it with colourful bits and bobs of delicious food and make it the centrepiece of your table.

Catwatch - Electronic Cat Deterrent

Catwatch – Electronic Cat Deterrent £40.99
Now just £40.99 (rrp: £54.95) – SAVE £15!The Only Cat Deterrent tested and approved by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) and made here in the UK. Ultrasonic Range… Cats are repelled by ultrasound up to a distance of 60ft away and inaudible to humans. Average battery life 2-3 months however mains adaptor recommended if a lot of people or creatures pass by and the alarm volume is increased by 30%.

Foxwatch - Electronic Cat Deterrent

Foxwatch – Electronic Cat Deterrent £40.99
Now just £40.99 (rrp: £54.95) – SAVE £15!One of the best and most effective Fox deterrent devices available to the Market. 125 square metre (1,350 sq.ft.) coverage and inaudible to humans. Harmless to foxes and can be powered by a 9-volt battery or a mains adaptor for increased performance. Average Battery life 2-3 months however mains adaptor recommended if a lot of people or creatures pass by as the alarm volume is increased by 30%.

Rösle Barbecue Cleaning Brush

Rösle Barbecue Cleaning Brush £21.99
Now just £21.99 (rrp: £31.99) – SAVE £10! Features: The brushes rotate and can simply be replaced when necessary. Suitable for use on every type of grill including cast iron or stainless steel.The Rösle Barbecue Cleaning Brush has four spiral-shaped brushes with short, brass bristles that wind into every awkward corner of the grill.

Rösle Barbecue Fish Turner

Rösle Barbecue Fish Turner £21.99
Now just £21.99 (rrp: £31.99) – SAVE £10! Product Features: Solid, extra-long version guarantees safe distance from hot charcoals, tapered front edge for effortless turning and lifting of grilled food and dishwasher safe.The Rösle Barbecue Fish Turner has a wide horizontal blade which is ideal for lifting, turning and transferring whole fish and large cuts of meat.

Rösle Barbecue Poultry Shears

Rösle Barbecue Poultry Shears £20.99
Now just £20.99 (rrp: £31.99) – SAVE £11!Stainless steel poultry blades, ergonomic handle for safe hold and effective application of pressure. Ideal for poultry and fish.

Rösle Gourmet Thermometer

Rösle Gourmet Thermometer £20.99
Now just £16.99 (rrp: £31.99) – SAVE £11!The Rösle Gourmet Thermometer features an illuminated digital temperature display and measures in both Celsius and Fahrenheit in a range from -40 °C to +200 °C/-40 °F to +392 °F. Perfect for quick measuring of temperatures, e.g. when roasting and deep frying, preparing infant food as well as for wine and tea.

Rösle Charcoal Starter

Rösle Charcoal Starter £19.99
Now just £19.99 (rrp: £28.99) – SAVE £9! Dimensions: Height: 23.5cm, Widith:38.6cm, Depth:34.9cm.Spark guard for safe transfer of glowing coals. Convenient and quick lighting of charcoal and briquettes and also has a large handle with a heat shield for a good secure hold.