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New products at Jersey Plants Direct

by Sarah - March 16th, 2016.
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New products today at Jersey Plants Direct

Stack'n'Plant System + 24 Bedding Plants + FREE Compost

Stack’n’Plant System + 24 Bedding Plants + FREE Compost £59.99
New for 2016!3 tier stacking system with 24 Jumbo Mixed Premium Bedding Plants including Fuchsia, Geranium, Verbena & Mixed Foliage Filler + FREE compost!

Stack'n'Plant System + 12 Veg Plants + FREE Compost

Stack’n’Plant System + 12 Veg Plants + FREE Compost £49.99
New for 2016!3 tier stacking system with 12 Jumbo vegetable and herb plants, Tumbling Tom Tomatoes, Basil, Mint, Parsley, Sage, Chives & Coriander + FREE compost!

Goji Berry 1 Pre-Planted Container (Graphite)

Goji Berry 1 Pre-Planted Container (Graphite) £45.00
Up to 2kg of fruit!Lycium barbarum require feeding once every 2 weeks with a standard feed and need watering daily.Health benefits of Goji berries include:•Vitamin C, B2, A, Iron, Selenium and Antioxidants•Generally improve well-being, brain activity & digestion•Improve Immune System as contains vitamin AAlso known as Lycium barbarum or ‘Wolfberries’, Goji Berries take approximately 3 years to fruit so we have grown them on for 3 years for you! These established plants come in stylish graphite 7.5 litre (27cm) pot to enjoy in your garden or on your patio. This Plant should start to fruit this year or at the latest next year. Each plant can produce up to 2kg of fruit in a season. Easy to look after in a container, they like full sun and can withstand temperatures down to -15 degrees.

Stack'n'Plant System

Stack’n’Plant System £39.99
New for 2016! Add Flowers or Vegetables for just £10 more… Stack’n’Plant Vegetable Garden: Click Here Stack’n’Plant Flower Garden Click Here If space and time are at a premium, this 3 tier, 65cm high, Stack’n’Plant system is perfect. It waters top-down, via a controlled overflow to base wells – so no water-logging. This control of feed means healthier growth. It’s just ingenious! Suitable for Bedding Plants, Vegetables or Herbs.

Aquamarine Planting Kit + Compost

Aquamarine Planting Kit + Compost £24.97
New for 2016!A bargain kit, to really add some lovely and unusual colour to your garden this year. This planter set comes in a lovely shade of Aquamarine set will provide all you need to make some great displays, we have even included the compost!

Charcoal Planting Kit + Compost

Charcoal Planting Kit + Compost £24.97
New for 2016!A lovely Charcoal coloured set of Planters in three different types .. guaranteed to really pep up your gardening designs this year. Compost is also provided in this wonderful kit.

Yellow Planting Kit + Compost

Yellow Planting Kit + Compost £24.97
New for 2016!A set of Sunshine Yellow Planters to add some real colour and vibrancy to your planting scheme this year. A bargain set to place on your Patio/Decking or Balcony for a wonderful effect. Supplied with compost.

Fresh Green Planting Kit + Compost

Fresh Green Planting Kit + Compost £24.97
New for 2016!Bright and Beautiful Fresh Green set of Planters, to plant up and hang up filled with your favourites Summer blooms. A great value kit with compost included in the price.

Lavender Planting Kit + Compost

Lavender Planting Kit + Compost £24.97
New for 2016!Our new range of Lavender Planters. Our premium set of six includes two each of our 27cm Hanging Baskets, 40cm Troughs and 27cm Containers. In this pack, we have also provided all the compost you will need to plant the setup.